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  1. Good vids, clean audio and hd video. You aren't a bore to listen to and you don't make me want to rip my eyes out. Liked and subscribed!
  2. Try buying minecraft. It probably won't work, but then you might get more help -_-
  3. It's just a map's modpack redone for normal use :/(basically)
  4. This is not a bug that is really fixable. Most mods don't even have the metadata Forge looks for - this will not affect gameplay in any way, look at the wiki for information on the mods.
  5. I'm sorry if I make you feel old, but I did an essay on spacewar...in history. My favourite childhood game(Technically I'm still a child, so this is when I was 3-7 years old) is a psx game called Sukoden. I didn't understand a word of it(I couldn't even read my own name), and never got far into it, but I spent hours walking around the starting town. I recently started playing it on my ps3, only properly this time. I also loved crash bandicoot cortex strikes, with about the same amount of success, play-wise, as sudoken. The first game I enjoyed, and actually managed to play properly, was
  6. You...uh...copy paste them onto a usb stick?
  7. If there is any, it will be java...propably. Apple make their own java so it should come updated. Back up and try.
  8. Nu uh! Inficraft is much better! It adds way more items!
  9. Schrodinger's Cat: Wanted dead and alive
  10. I haven't played with one yet, but I went to a rasberry jam yesterday! I think I'll probably put raspbian on the one I'm getting for my birthday and then mess around with stuff.
  11. Well, I'm out of ideas. You have latest Java, and latest Launcher. Is your java the right archtiecture? What architecture is your OS?
  12. It deletes the entire folder of the currently selected pack, apart from(possibly) the backup folder. Also, don't double post.
  13. All didn't work? So you no longer have AVG?
  14. Anitvirus software? If the details aren't correct, no one can help. Also, just a bit of advice, bumping is dicouraged. And Double-posting is against the rules.
  15. 1. Go into task bar. 2. Right click the AVG icon. 3. Click Temporarily disable protection. 4. Run the update If it works, you can reenable protection. You will have to do this every update. If it doesn't, uninstall AVG, repeat. If it still doesn't, THEN whine about it not being AVG.
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