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  1. What if it's a 1.5 based AdventureCraft? Hexxit could be a launch title of sorts. That's a silly idea isn't it.
  2. sorry but if you look back a bit you'd know Cheapshot exlapaind on page 10 to let people have their fun.........
  3. What if the j in jcountdown doesn't serve for javascript but instead for... Jay?pack?
  4. If the left one is a rogue, the right looks like it could be an archer. No idea what the middle could be.
  5. Ask the mod creators maybe? There is a full modlist which has links to the right websites or forum posts.
  6. ziberoo


    Luckily I know what you said, so I could help you. But I won't, because you signed your post and didn't specify what tool exactly is broken. If you could go ahead and read the rules, come back, write a slight;y more detailed report(preferably in the right section), that would be most appreciated :)
  7. I would visit my friend more often.
  8. More of a "A modpack ended up on xbox, but it was THAT one?" face.
  9. "that which holds the link to a meme becomes itself a meme"
  10. On a hypothetical note, I would love to see Slowpoke's face if Tekkit went on xbox.
  11. Munaus should be mod because as an AdventureQuest guardian and dragon master I have the right to do so.
  12. every time a block updates it has a one in two chance of exploding with the force of a ICBM mod antimatter explosive.
  13. holymage! should be a mod because...holy crap look a mage!
  14. Fidchelle should be a moderator for confirming my robot disguise is working. Hell, we're just handing these things around these days, huh?
  15. Theprolo should be moderator as his face is not confined by the circle, it breaches space, all is theprolo and theprolo is all. It has always been Theprolo.
  16. spartanyanni should be a moderator because he looks like he'll kill me if I don't say so.
  17. My avatar has an awesome hat and is ergo an awesome avatar.
  18. ziberoo


    Your crop probably can't grow. What are you fertilizing.
  19. IIRC, you want /give player 758 1 9 .
  20. Emeralds are in vanilla. He just added the tools.
  21. Never actually had one, but whenever I played one it was pretty much always Canis Canem Edit(Bully) and Gta Sand Andreas.
  22. Classic is an older version of tekkit, that runs on bukkit(hence Te-kkit). Tekkit Lite is newer, has more mods(IIRC) and runs on forge, which is more stable. So yeah, tekkit lite is updated with mods.
  23. You are using Tekkit Classic, which will not be updated. If you want 1.4.6/7, get Tekkit Lite. It's pretty much better.
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