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  1. Shit man, I can't do shit in this shitty shit shitpack because it's a load of shit. Shit.
  2. What the ever-loving hell is this? I didn't order any Facebook in my forums.

    1. DragonRX


      Welcome to Techbook.
    2. TheBytemaster


      You have (3) game invites from friends playing CraftVille.
  3. Here, take this comprehensive guide on how to set up a hamachi minecraft server: http://bit.ly/18HmRTL quality certified 100% verified by notch himself
  4. hey guys i made a server please come join me oh no my sentences are running so looooong please help me in all seriousness, though, you might want to clean up your post and format it a bit more nicely. A nice-looking server post helps attract moar players!
  5. Well, you could do that, or just go to the Java website, where they have downloads that set it up for you. Or you could read the stickies.