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  1. Oh yeah sure, you're a shoe-in for the job! Funny, though. I seem to recall a member of a similar name that was banned for a plethora of griefs... Hmmm... Well I'm sure it wasn't you at all.
  2. Drfate, after struggling to comprehend what you've just stated, due to the numerous amounts of spelling errors and whiny bullshit, I've finally determined that everything you've said was a waste of time and completely irrelevant to anything that has ever existed. First of all, you broke one of the rules on this forum (5 posts in a row, ever hear of the 'edit' button?), second of all, I'm going to go by what everyone in the server says and not what you've whined about and say that you yourself are in the wrong. Spamming chat with a single question is NOT the way to go, and it WILL get you muted and lots of disrespect (but I'm sure you've got enough already to go around to each player, you've posted numerous ignorant, worthless, and shitty posts in the past, more on that later). Whenever I saw you ingame, you came across as an asshole and I'm not surprised this happened. Given your track record, I'm going to assume you are a little 9 year old Team Avo wannabe (http://www.teamavolition.com/user/113053-drfate786/, not very active, are you?) (I had to look them up, apparently a group of griefing try-hards) with nothing more to do than just waste everyone's time. You've made it so easy to see what you've done in your past, and if anyone still reading this wants a laugh, please read this post on the MCforums (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1521805-the-horrible-truth-in-smp/) for a really funny look inside this kid's mind (filled with grammatically incorrect statements and spelling errors). So anyway, its your dumbass fault that you got yourself banned, and I really hope your parents start restricting your computer usage because obviously you're not mature enough to use the internet, or even have any human contact whatsoever. Toodles. EDIT: I google'd his name, and found this pathetic piece of crap. Anyone interested in seeing what this little nerd is up to can laugh at this http://newtartarus.com/profile/1424601/posts (and unsurprisingly, he got banned from this server too)
  3. No, that was awful. Waiting for my brother to get off so I can get ON.
  4. Wally! I haven't seen you on in ages (probably because of the differing timezones). And congratulations to Pain for getting the coveted [R]!
  5. Smacleod finally admits his stupidity, albeit with plenty of spelling mistakes.
  6. White list is temporary. The server I think is still being worked on, so until 4pm EST it will stay. Then we can PAAAARTAAAY!!
  7. Haha, sounds like its going to be a load of fuuuuun! I cannot wait for JWL to be back up again, the voices in my head have finally stopped!
  8. Let's start asking questions and stuff on the actual JWL thread, to keep things more organized. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/3-1-2-jwl-gaming-tekkit-no-pvp-60-slots-forum-24-7-towny-lwc-hunger-games-cc-removed.4782/page-36
  9. JWL's definitely going to be on a new IP, and I dunno about your [R] perms, I should think so if you had them on JWL.
  10. In case if you didn't read the earlier posts, AmericanTao is now taking a back seat in respect to JWL, which is being brought back. AT was created due to JWL's closure, it was to pretty much keep the people of JWL together. Now, JWL is being reinstated and everyone on AT is encouraged to move over to JWL if you want the same AWESOME community we all know you've come to know and love. We are just waiting for JWL to reinitialize and the fun can continue. It hopefully shouldn't take too long, so just find something that can occupy you for a bit.
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