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  1. This server looks excellent. My IGN is wertel. If you could give me a PM if I am added that would be great. I would enjoy playing here due to such an interesting idea.
  2. Age: 17 Ingame Name: wertel Experience with Minecraft: Been playing since the first public classic release. Experience with Tekkit: Played for about a year. Experience with being an Admin: I've hosted multiple servers of my own having a playerbase of around twenty people, I also used to administrate certain Byond games. Experience with responsibility: I've been trusted with numerous things, passwords, secrets, administrator privileges, amongst other things. Experience with Worldedit: I have used it to do numerous things, massive structures that look nice, and fixing grief. Experience w
  3. My aunt died in a car wreck two days ago. I am typing this from my phone as I am currently grieving with my family. I will be back on tomorrow near four central time to uphold my position as the co-owner. If I can find a computer to use here I will pop in.
  4. Lord_Sidness has been banned for using a griefing client, along with an X-Ray hack. He had admitted to this. We now have one slot open!
  5. The server has decided on a consensus which has banned JDtown permanently for general annoyances, and duplicating on a whitelist server. There are two whitelist spots waiting to be filled. Come on and apply!
  6. Age: 15 IGN: wertel Have you ever been banned, if so, explain why and how many times you have been banned: According to the internet, I have been banned from exactly two servers, and I enjoy keeping it that way. One was for placing leaves over someones window which was considered griefing, the other was for cursing as I was extremely frustrated. Why do you think you should join this server (5-6 Sentences): I would enjoy joining this server as it is still new and it would be a perfect place to call my favorite. Tekkit has numerous mods, but servers take away what you can do with them. Ho
  7. I can actually explain that griefing ban. I was hated on that server, so as a joke I placed leaves over a friends window he could see when he came on. Someone saw and thought it was griefing, also Rule 9 on that server was swearing, I said fuck, and was instantly banned. Also, this minecraft account goes back to when minecraft was only creative, one or two bans is normal, of which I forgot I had.
  8. Minecraft Name: wertel Do you have any bans on record? Not at all If so, Why? N/A I would love to join this server, I enjoy playing with other players and using all the features of Tekkit together as one.
  9. IGN: wertel Age:17 Timezone: U.S Central How long have you been playing tekkit: 6+ Months How often will you be on the server: Almost every day. Would you like to join the teamspeak(optional):No Mic Your http://whitelist.mcf.li link: http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/b9827d7855673620578271270bb9bcd568f471ba Why you received the bans (If Applicable): Mainly due to making pixel sprites and blocking someones windows with leaves. It was all settled, but bans are in place still.
  10. IGN: wertel Tekkit Exp: Moderate, two months. What is your best Tekkit Skill? Engineering and wiring. If you could add or remove a rule at ZagCraft, which would you remove/add? I would add a rule allowing all items no matter what, which cannot be overwritten. Excluding Nuclear Reactors. Languages Spoken: English, Japanese Other: I can play most of the day, I program in C++ and Java.
  11. Re: [24/7][2.1.1][Quantum Gaming Tekkit Server][42 slots][Whitelist] IGN: wertel Have you ever been banned: On Tekkit no, on normal Minecraft about twice. They were for raging in chat due to a kid griefing me. What do you plan to do on the server: My plan here is to better my Tekkit experience by playing with new people and friends. I would also like to make new buildings in a grief free environment. What is your experience level with Tekkit? Moderate.
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