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  1. finally, a TekBlock done correctly, though closest i've seen is an island type with single block islands almost, this is much better, hank you
  2. I'm looking for (at least) 9 people to help me create a Dante's Inferno creation/adventure map. each person would be assigned a different circle to create (along with how big the circle can be). The finished circles will be given back to me to put together into the map (after i add the entrance/forest and extra stuff). If you wish to help me you can contact me on this site for more information, assignments, suggestions, further contact, or whatever. Thank you
  3. And now for something completely different... map name: Code Lyoko SKY BLOCK WITH A DARN PLOT Why: I've been fiddling around with the idea and wanted to see someone else take the idea and run I want to see if it can be done Technic or Vanilla: Yes, though i actually play Tekkit mostly email: [email protected] magic number: 17 7
  4. hey, some suggestions... maybe some better descriptions for the maps (I.E. what exactlly does EXTENDED mean? more obnoxious challenges?) i agree, don't try to necro your own thread, it's annoying feel free to post all you maps here, the title is "Tiffit's Maps" not "Tiffit's Maps, But Only The Technic Ones Due To Politically Correctedness" make more please there you go, i'm bored now so i'll go play your maps and find out what EXTENDED really means...
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