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  1. !This problem only exists in SMP! In single player when I descend on my jetpack I do it slowly to avoid fall damage but I SMP if you fly up high you can descend super slowly but you get as much damage as if you would have jumped of your flight peak. How do I make my server recalculate fall damage if I hover down slowly. I hope somebody can help me with this.
  2. It worked I just didn't remove all the BC2 depending mods! Thank you Painful i would like to reward you for this help just PM me or something!
  3. Well deleting EE2 works but causes the Quantum suit to act weird. It works ok but you get damage when falling from a usual 4 blocks even though your quantum suit absorbs it. Its anoying cause every time you do a super jump (9 blocks) you get hurt from the fall not letting you jump again right away and getting damaged from your own jump !?!?!??! The jetpack doesn't work when I use it. As soon as I place EE2 back everything is fixed. P.S. I use a mac for testing!
  4. Just press O to show/hide NEI or TooManyItems!
  5. Hello Everyone, I what to make a tekkit server but without Buildcraft and EE2 cause they cause problems (EE2 is overpowered and buildcraft has overflow problems!) I don't know how to disable them. I tried deleting them from the Mods folder it worked with EE2 but the Jetpacks from IC2 and Quantum suit were a bit wired and when I removed Buildcraft the server threw me a bunch of errors. I really need help cause I am not starting my server without having these problems fixed. Anybody who helps me solve this problems would get VIP rank on my server!
  6. SCT, remember me from your server? Could you help me? I saw you had uninstalled Buildcraft from your server. I don't know how to do that but if you could help me at it please tell me in this converstion. Link: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/how-do-i-delete-buildcraft-from-my-server-without-it-sending-a-bunch-of-errors-which-shut-it-down.14207/#post-106097

  7. I want to delete Buildcraft from my server but I can't without having it send me ERRORS. I was on a tekkit 3.0.4 server which had buildcraft completely removed but how did they do it. HELP Please!!!!!
  8. Use the Worldedit that the guys has configured to work with Tekkit. It can block items but I can't block specific items with SubID's. To block items with SubID lets say I wana block the block breaker 150:7 but I don't want to block the other blocks which have the same ID ( ID:subID ) you have to use ModifyWorld. To use ModifyWorld with Tekkit items you need to put an "x" in front of the Item ID. modify.world.place.x150:7 Like this! By the Way I am Swiss French!
  9. I have exactly the same problem. I am very unsure but I maybe be caused by the Multiverse plugin. Do you have Multiverse too. P.S. I have only the Multiverse Core plugin
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