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    This server is awesome! Many active members in-game and on TeamSpeak, and the server itself is quite stable.
  2. I'll admit that I started reading this thread with a great deal of bias against Technic, but after reading, I'm able to take a step back and give my two cents without resorting to "BLAR BLAR TECHNIC IS ILLEGAL Y U USE IT BLAH" So here goes: (DISCLAIMER: Everything beyond this is either my opinion, or something I believe to be fact, but may be wrong on. I'm not infallible. I can certainly misunderstand something.) I started with Tekkit. Tekkit was my first experience with modded Minecraft, simply because I am lazy. I eventually moved away from Tekkit when I learned that it wasn't completely up-to-date, and when I wanted to start playing with the mods Direwolf20 uses, and only then did I start hearing this business about Technic being illegal. I jumped on the bandwagon, but left a foot hanging off at first. It was only after I scrounged around looking for evidence that I decided that yes, Technic is illegal in the sense that it violates the copyrights that the mod developers put on it. No matter what good Technic does, the end result is still illegal. If you go rob a bank, you still stole money, even if you use that money to fund an orphanage later. This is how I see it, at least. However, it is only illegal because they don't have the permissions for the mods, and I truly think that if the makers had bothered to ask, they would have gotten a "Yeah, go for it!" And that is what they should have done, but didn't. THAT is the big issue. Asking. The mod devs put a ton of work into their mods, and they would like to know how they are being used. That is the full extent of the big issue. I really do value Technic. Technic is the reason I got into playing modded Minecraft, which itself led to my current project: Learning to mod Minecraft, so I can do all these cool things too. So if I eventually make something cool, Technic will ultimately be the reason. And it is for all that, that I would LOVE to see Technic get permissions. But for that to happen they'll have to ask for them. I have nothing against Technic itself, but for a while I had everything against its dev team. Reading this thread, and watching Cheap Shot react, discuss, and respond with the level of maturity s/he did has led me to be quite a bit more relaxed about the whole deal. And this maturity is why I would suggest you put Kake behind the scenes a bit more. I wouldn't ask him to step down; he likely does a lot of valuable work. But I would suggest that he NOT be the one to go around requesting permissions for mods at this point. He has already stated that he personally is not interested in permissions, and that will just cause trouble. I'd suggest either Cheap Shot (for the aforementioned maturity) or any other dev who displays similar maturity levels be the one to ask for permissions. Like I said, I'd love to see the Technic hate end, but I'd want it to be for good reason. I agree that a permissions thread would be a great place to start. If they all say "No," ask them if they would be willing to let you continue using the old versions for old version of Minecraft. As someone said (I don't remember who), Technic users stuck with Minecraft 1.1 for a LONG time. They could deal with using 1.2.5 if they had to. If some say no and others say "Sure! Go for it! Thanks for asking!" at least you got the respect points for bothering to ask. At this point, Technic's biggest obstacle is its shit reputation among people who may or may not know what they're talking about. It'd be nice to see that obstacle removed. It would certainly make me happy to see that the mod pack that got me started is finally able to go (mostly) without troubles. Well, there we go. My long-winded view of things. Good luck, Technic. Hope things work out for the best.
  3. Woah. Guys. Why all the hate? Good Lord. Here's his reasoning: He thinks it's stupid that you can have 1 block that is producing more energy than his nuclear reactor. The reason he says it's unbalanced is because Nuclear Power requires a LOT of resources and effort to get working, and takes up a lot of space, and one block that uses cheap resources (face it, coal, iron, and diamond are easy to come by) is outclassing his expensive nuclear power. Like he said, the drawbacks of Solar panels are supposed to be that they only generate energy during the day with no rain, and that they take up a lot of space to generate any significant amount of power. He wanted to leave LV on to a) help with that lag problem that was mentioned and because he thinks that LVs have a good balance of space used to EU generated. Think about it this way: You're playing some MMORPG that has classes. I'm going to use WoW as an example because I know how the classes in that piece of crap game work. You are playing a DPS warrior, again, because I understand how those work. You spend ages grinding up gear and learning the skills and such to get as much damage output as you can. Then a Rogue that hit max level yesterday is hitting 2 buttons in mediocre gear and still out DPS-ing you, because of some weird thing in the game. Wouldn't you be kinda pissed? That's what W feels like, only exchange Warrior, damage output, Skills, and Gear for Nuclear Reactor, Energy Output, Optimal Layout, and ores n' such. Also replace rogue with HV Array, mediocre gear with cheap materials, and "out DPS-ing" with "producing more energy than". Basically, HV solar arrays are more efficient, but lose one of their biggest drawbacks, which makes them unbalanced. If his server can handle it and the players don't mind, I don't see the problem. tl;dr Beer, stop being a dick. It's his server. He can do what he wants.
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