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  1. (IGN) Zackmon88

    (What can I bring?) I can bring a new player, (Myself). Ive been looking for a good Whitelist Modded survival server to play on. I found one but the servers were in California and i had 300+ Ping at all times. (I live in Florida)

    (Why?) Well. Im bored with regular minecraft. And honestly im not too fond of the newer generation of Minecraft players. (Mostly 6th graders) I want to be added so I have a reason to play.

    Added to the whitelist, check '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> for updated connection/pack information.

  2. HI, my IGN is Icninja.


    The reason i am wanting to join this server is i have been looking for a small server like this for litterally 2 years, since before tekkit was released. Im pretty good at most of the listed modpacks, and as for experience, i have been playing tekkit since its release, as well as Technic Clasic, and have also played other packs. I hope that this enough, and also if you need to know, im 14. 



    Added to the whitelist, check '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> for updated information as to how to connect, and the link to get the modpack.




    Hey, you. Yes you! Welcome to our server thread. We hope you get a good insite into what we stand for and what we have to offer as a server. Thank you!

    Prot3ch is small(enough) community run server thats existed for over 2 years now from when it was first founded on april the 30th 2012 on tekkit classic (1.2.5). Throughout that time a lot has changed but there we're a few things that stayed the same...


    Our promise

    We promise to stick by our motto 'forever freebuild' and never restrict or monotize our server in any way other than through the publics support. We promise to keep everyones creations (no matter how big or small) safe with loyal 24/7 staff and greif protection plugins such as coreprotect and LWC and finally we promise to give every player a voice through our forums, teamspeak 3 or MC chat on what they want for the server and any concerns/praise they have for the server.


    The pack


    BQW9_Y1_S.png Screenshot_from_2014_12_27_15_16_49.png



    Main mods:

    Archimedes ships (Moveable ships/airships in minecraft)

    Big reactors

    Better records (playable CD's and radio stations in minecraft)



    Carpenters blocks







    Galacticraft (SPAAACEEE!!!)

    Highlands (alternative to biomes'o'plenty & extrabiomesXL)

    Logistic pipes



    Rotarycraft, electriccraft & geostrata (Tech mod based around shaft power)



    Thaumcraft 4

    Thermal expansion


    Technic launcher modpack link: *LINK*

    Full mod list: *LINK*

    Whitelist application

              Template application                                                                          E.g. application

    IGN:                                                                                                    IGN: Forestgump1234

    Reason for joining:                                                                             Reason for joining: Why not?

    About  yourself:                                                                                  About  yourself: my mamma said. Life is like a boxa chocolates.

    Favourite band/artist:                                                                         Favourite band/artist: arcade fire

    (there is a reason for this)



    1: No greifing, ever.

    2: Hacking will result in an i.p ban.

    3: offensive comments will not be tolerated.

    4: PVP is allowed with consent (permission from another person, or in a pvp arena).

    5: you must respect EVERYONE. (player or staff).

    6: Do not beg for a rank

    Thanks for reading!




    Server specs:

    CPU: Intel Xeon quad core processor E3 - 1230 3.20GHz (3.60Ghx on turbo)

    RAM: 8gb - DDR3

    Storage: 2TB (SSD)

    Location: UK(maidenhead)


    A huge thanks to our sponsor, Crafting.tk (pgben) for providing us with this wonderful server.





    Coreprotect - (greif protection)

    Coloredsigns - (colourful signs!)

    Essentials - (basic commands, e.g. /spawn)


    MyWarp - (A better warping system than essentials)

    Enjin minecraft plugins

    Dynmap [running on forge]





    LWC (chest protection)

    (We don't have economy plugins because we run our own modded economy using physical coins)



    Owner: profjb

    Co-Owner: yk88

    Head-admin: Nxsupert

    Admin: Demonbabby

    Admin: Hellsniper01

    Mod: bellydancer

    Mod: Ibrasteel


    (we are 'currently' looking for staff with experience)


    Our history/community

    The server was founded well over 2 years ago on april the 30th using tekkit classic 1.2.5 and since then it's been ran on the FTB mindcrack modpack, a custom FTB modpack, a custom 1.5.2 modpack, 2x 1.6.4 experimental modpacks and finally 'unity reloaded' - our current 1.7.10 modpack. We we're one of the safest servers around at the time sometimes having months before any greifing occoured which gave us staff nothing to do put posed little problems for the players which is all we really cared about. Prot3ch was also one of the first servers to pioneer MCPC+ & bukkitforge: *LINK* and one of the first to use experimental custom mods made by (nxsupert & dude22072) who soon teamed up to make the modpack team we have today. Really though to get a good idea of our past you need to check out our gallery (below)


    Full gallery: *LINK*



    Website: www.prot3ch.net

    i.p: mc.prot3ch.net



    Teamspeak: ts3.prot3ch.net

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TUserver

    Twitter: @TUserver



    Good to see that you are back up prof!

  4. IGN: BytingBits


    I am interested in playing on this server mainly because of the mod list, as it includes all of my favourite mods and more. I also like a server with no-grief and no-PvP rules. I like a server with a strong sense of community and I feel that this is what Lucki Craft has to offer.


    I have a lot of experience playing with mods, as I have been using Technic since early 2011. I have a lot of experience with mods such as ComputerCraft, Project Red (RedPower), Railcraft, Thermal Expansion, Galacticraft and others. 

    Added to the whitelist!

  5. When i try to connect to the server it keeps saying: Mod Rejections [FMLMod:BigReactors{0.4.0.rc10},FMLMod:BiblioCraft{1.9.0}]


    I have tried deleting everything and re-downloading the mod pack but that hasn't worked, any idea what is wrong?

    On the server we have those versions, check the directory that the pack is installed to and see what versions of those mods you have.

  6. My in game name is Frothem


                 I am interested in the server because I used to play on the original Lucki craft server, and when I saw that I couldn't connect to the server, I went to the Technic forums to see if there was anything about the server going down. I saw that It was closed and started looking for another server, while scrolling I saw Lucki craft 2.0 and thought that I might as well reapply.


               My experience with playing mod-packs is fairly basic I am more of a magical player, but I am trying out the technological side of Minecraft. I know some Thermal Expansion, Mekanism, and Big Reactors. That is about as far as my technological knowledge goes.


             I really want to re-join the server again, It was probably the best server that I ever joined. It would be appreciated if I was accepted, and thank you for taking the time to read and consider me.

    Everyone from the old server is on the whitelist!

  7. iGN: max331


    What I can bring to the server: Im a decent builder and have a lot experience with many of the mods in this pack and Im a fun and mature player.


    Why I should be whitelisted: I should be white listed because I really want to join a server that not full of jerk griefers, and Im not one either. 

    If you would still like to be whitelisted, please re-apply here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

  8. Lucki Craft 2.0!

    In opening this server we have two goals. 1) Recreate the awesome atmosphere of Lucki Craft run my M1dude (Recently Closed) and 2) To forge a server with a great community.


    This server offers a well-balanced modpack with a great long-term world, a simple set of non-intrusive plugins, and a great small community! We are currently accepting applications for whitelisting. We have a whitelist because we wish to have a nice community, and we do not require any previous experience, in-fact we welcome anyone who is new to the modded side of Minecraft and will try to help you learn the basics.


    • Be nice. No one likes a server where everyone is mean and grouchy!
    • No griefing or stealing. In our experience, these kinds of servers do not build the kind of community that we wish to create.
    • No unconsented PvP.
    • Use common sense!

    IP: lucki.unknowncraft.us


    Plugins: CommandBook, WorldEdit, PEX, CoreProtect

    Modpack API Link:http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/lucki-20

    While the pack does not take an awesome computer to run, I advise at least 2GB of RAM to the client to run well.

    Whitelist Application:

    What is your IGN?

    Why are you interested in the server?

    Do you have any previous experience with playing modpacks? If so, please give us a basic summery.


    While we are very permissive in who we accept, we do require that you put a little effort into your application. Please use correct grammar.


    Mod list:

    Applied Energistics 2
        Extra Cells
        Thaumic Energistics
    Armor Status HUD
    Big Reactors
        Additional Pipes
        Logistics Pipes
    Carpenters Blocks
    Chicken Chunks
    Damage Indicators
    Enchanting Plus
    Ender IO
    Ender Storage
    Extra Utilities
        Binnie's Mods
        Hat Stands
    In-Game Wiki
    Iron Chests
    Liquid XP
    Mr Crayfish's Furniture
    Nether Ores
    Obsidian PressurePlates
    Project Red
    Remain in Motion
    Simply Jetpacks
    Soul Shards Reloaded
    Status Effect HUD
    Tinkers' Construct
        Extra TIC
        Thaumic Energistics
        Thaumic Tinkerer
    Thermal Expansion
    Twilight Forest
    Wireless Redstone ChickenBones
    Zan's Minimap.
    Many more mods that function as core mods. E.G. CoFH Core
  9. Alright, so I have 2 versions of a working server. The first is a version that is pure forge, and that contains FastCraft, which helps significantly with server lag. The second version contains Cauldron, yet lacks FastCraft, and while Cauldron itself has built in lag-reducing features, it is not as effective as Fastcraft. The Cauldron version of the server also lets us have bukkit plugins such as CommandBook (which added a bunch of handy commands such as /home, /warp, /spawn, etc.). So I would like to ask everyone what version they would prefer.

    Quick list of Pros and Cons of each:

    • Bukkit Plugins (Major Plus)
    • Built in Optimizations
    • Causes mods to become more crashy and buggy. (Not always, but sometime)
    • No Fastcraft Optimization

    Pure Forge:

    • No Bukkit plugins
    • Fastcraft Optimizations (Very good for the server machine, however this is not too big of a concern for me atm.)
    • Mods do not have any added instability. (This is pretty major in my opinion)

    A few more things to consider:

    • Cauldron is not as friendly to dimensions as default forge is.
    • Cauldron trends towards creating worlds that do not last as long as worlds created on a pure forge server.
    • A pure forge server will not have any kind of logging plugins, therefore griefing will be nearly untraceable.
    • In my opinion a Cauldron server would be better since it would add bukkit plugins, and the instability is not too common.

    So please reply within the next day with what your opinion is. I will go with the majority of the votes. If you do not want to reply here, please send a PM to me with your vote.

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