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  1. What is plug'd? Plug'd is a platform that allows Staff/Players from different servers to collaborate. It is a place for Server Owners to share there servers, collaborate with other servers and share there experience. For players too be able to choose the servers they want to join and share there creations with a wider community. What Plug'd isn't (For server owners) Plug'd has the philosophy that if you choose to simply advertise your server and then leave you aren't welcome here. In fact if you do so you may be banned. Instead we ask that in return you help other owners and players who may be less experienced and need some help. We don't demand this and if your not able to help out for a given reason then that is fine but joining for 5 minutes to advertise your server and then leaving is not acceptable. :). Link: http://discord.gg/AwacrAG When joining the discord please make sure to read the rules before posting anything. They are there for a reason.
  2. So over the past 3 months a lot has happened... The server now has: - A massive server market - A whole array of new towns. - Partnerships with Hive365 (the lead gaming radio station in the UK) - An opportunity to form a 2nd 1.10.2/1.11 server We have also updated our gallery with a few new pictures to highlight some of these efforts. http://imgur.com/a/Za4R8
  3. Servers officially been open for about 3 weeks and we already have some pretty cool creations. If you want to check out any more pictures in the future please feel free to check out our gallery :). p.s. We have also now installed Fastcraft to the modpack which has significantly aided in reducing lag for our players.
  4. Select tekkit classic. Go into 'Modpack options' (in the technic launcher). Click 'open'. To open the location of your tekkit classic files Now go into 'logs' and paste your fml-latest.client log to http://pastebin.com. Then we can do something.
  5. profjb


    Ok. In the technic launcher navigate to 'modpack options'. Click 'open' to open your install folder. Go into 'logs' and post your fml-latest.client.log to http://pastebin.com Then we can do something. =3. Also. Because it's a server issue you may not be able to fix it yourself and may need to contact the server owner. Try running the modpack in singleplayer and see if you get the same error.
  6. Do you have the latest version of Java?
  7. Just spotted your problem after looking through it again. OpenBlocks{1.4.4} [OpenBlocks] (OpenBlocks-1.7.10-1.4.4-deobf.jar) Your running the deobf version. The proper version your looking for is here: https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/228816-openblocks/2250321#
  8. Your missing files. This may be because the files didn't download correctly. Try re-installing the pack by clicking 'modpack options', 'reinstall pack'. If that dosen't work try turning off any firewalls you currently have on. These may be preventing you from downloading the correct files. If that dosen't work then their is another option but it's not ideal :P.
  9. profjb

    Can't start

    If you have any custom java launch options remove them and try again.
  10. Minefactory relies on the cofhcore libraries. Download them here: https://mods.curse.com/mc-mods/minecraft/cofhcore
  11. I think whats happened is you've downloaded the wrong version of the mod Openblocks, you have the .deof version of Openblocks or your missing a dependency. Check if you have Openmodslib, if you do then could you give me the version of Forge your modpack runs on and what version of Openblocks and Openmodslib you have. Also for further reference. Use pastebin... http://pastebin.com/
  12. The 2 mods suggested and accepted by our community are AE2 and Extrautilities, p.s. I would have just edited the thread but yet again upon re-editing and completing the captcha 3 times it still wouldn't update. I'll try again tomorrow :P. EDIT: Fixed.
  13. You could also look for DefenseTech (By AidanCbrady, the maker of Mekanism) as an alternative to ICBM,
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