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  1. Make sure they are Tekkit servers and you use the tekkit in the drop down list of the Technic Launcher, if they aren't Tekkit servers, you won't be able to join them using the Technic Launcher, and be advised, the Technic Pack is only SSP because most of the mods aren't SMP compatible in that pack, don't ask for servers for the Technic Pack, you would be hellen kellered by the mods for your ignorance of the basics.
  2. Probably because Tekkit is using BC 2.2.14 and the Trains and Zeppelin is specifically not compatible with BC2.2.14, its indicated clearly in the download link description, you can't have it in Tekkit right now, it will cause a lot of problems because of BC2.2.14 being there.
  3. You need the forestry plugin for NEI, if I'M correct you can find that on the official webpage of Forestry, you just need to add this to your client mods folder (there's no need to add it to the server since recipes are loaded by the client only) then you will have the correct recipes for most of the Forestry machines.
  4. Lots of people, they are I think 6-8 at the same time on the server and mostly 3-4 of them are in their own age at the same time and they aren't really exploring their age, then we can consider that their server is probably not a cheap one with only 2-4gb of ram normally used by pre-teens and teens. And you can bet there's no griefers there and certainly no players under 18 that just want to make the server lag to hell like on nearly 99% of online public servers.
  5. I think its like having a multiworld or multiverse thing but with everyone being in their own world/age, perhaps I got it wrong but with most servers not having more than 2-4gb of ram, that could be a serious problem.
  6. You can mess with the config files and prevent any new ores from being generated, but a tekkit server without a tekkit map isn't a tekkit server, just use the regular bukkit server if you want a vanilla server...
  7. Just a word of advice, don't add the fence gates to your list or disable them in the config, they don't work well with LWC...
  8. You won't be able to enjoy Mystcraft unless your public server has more than 2-3TB (right I've said it TB not GB) of ram, the way mystcraft is made it create a separate world called age, imagine 10-15 players each in their own world/age and exploring it, the server would never be able to keep up cause it would require him to have all the worlds/ages loaded and kept in memory at all time. Mystcraft is more geared toward SSP gameplay cause when you leave a age/world in ssp, that world is unloaded from your ram since its not needed to be kept loaded, this makes it a really nice mod for SSP, but a really hard one for SMP especially public open servers, you could perhaps deal with 4-5 players (close friends on a private server perhaps) playing smoothly if not exploring all at the same time perhaps, but lets guess what griefers like, making servers lag and destroy everything, so they would create a bunch of ages and have fun traveling to them just to load up the ram of the servers and making it crash.
  9. Yup you could have perhaps 1 player with you, but over that you can forget it totally, better ranting a dedicated server or find a tekkit one that isn't open to public (to avoid griefing and bad people, they are everywhere on all public tekkit servers sadly)
  10. You could have a 10000$ PC with 64gb of ram it will lag if you don't have a good Internet access, please go on and post the link of your result here, I'm nearly 100% sure its because of your Internet speed or you try to have to many people connected together. The main important speed is the upload one, and if you share your Internet with daddy, mommy or brother or sister on their computers or x360 at same time, you can totally forget about running your own server unless you have a 100mbps/100mbps line at home which is very unlikely.
  11. I can say this is where I am and the service is great and the support staff is really helpful and are quick to respond.
  12. The train and Zeppelin mod one, I've just tested it in SSP and its really awesome, but due to the more than 80 ID taken by this one, I doubt I would be able to make it work with tekkit, even for ssp and without BC2 and Forestry
  13. They are buggy, don't use ccsensors, they don't remember their names and such and the version with this bug corrected exist but isn't ported to smp or bukkit and probably won't ever be done, lets just forget about the ccsensors, just thinking how awesome that mod could be makes me want to jump from a bridge.
  14. That mod would be awesome, but not compatible with BC2 since tekkit use BC2 you can forget about that great mod, since BC3 isn't ready for SMP and won't be updated at all for MC1.2.5 you can forget about that right now (there's a really buggy version on mcportcentral but do not test it on any serious server or be ready to loose your save and your world)