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  1. Hey, Just to let anyone out there aware, we just hit 100 mods total in our modpack . If you want to come learn how to use all these exciting mods, come post a whitelist application on our forums found here -
  2. Thermal expansion is a very fun mod. It makes it really easy to start out rather then IC2!
  3. I have played on this server for months! The rules are fair and the staff are friendly. It has a nice community and any trouble makers are quickly found. Now that its on tekkit lite with its own modpack, there is so much to do!
  4. Hi Fin, please apply on our forums -,2.0.html Remember to use the proper format when you post Also take note, In the next week or so, we will be switching to tekkit lite. This means we will also be starting a new map with fresh inventories. Thank you for your interest in our server :D
  5. This is the first server ive ever been on, and so far the only lol. If i could rate this server, id rate it 10/10 :D
  6. IGN: BeavisBuilder Tekkit Exp: Technic Pack 6.0.7 For a Couple Of months. What is your best Tekkit Skill? Crafting, Advancing Pretty fast. If you could add or remove a rule at ZagCraft, which would you remove/add? Maybe allowing a currency like the IC2 Credits, Also I do hope Creeper Explosions Are Off! Languages Spoken: English, Some Spanish Other: This is the First Public Server Ive ever been on. I played on a server with my cousin once. I usually play Single Player games, but I feel its time for me to get to know some friends. Im pretty Mature When It comes to talking and interacting, In other words Im not going to run around Being stupid and offending people . I do ask Alot Of questions About Things ( like; Can I craft this?, Where am I allowed to build?, am I allowed to generate new Chunks and go Off exploring?). Im Pretty good at Technic Pack/Tekkit. ive mostly Played the Rec. Build, So I do see a few New machines and Technology that are new to me, but Ill Figure that stuff out over time in my Private Test Worlds, So i dont need to ask questions about how things work. Thanks! :)