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  1. The proper term is "rimshot".
  2. If this really works (couldn't test it yet, not that i doubt you) it should be somehow put into the next release.
  3. Google brought up a post from KakerMix with an apparently older one. I could use the 2.1 version to solve some Towny protection issues (mainly for the Switch&Usage ids, those IC2 machines and the wrench need to be kept in line) Or, if anybody already has a string from his towny config he could share, that would be nice too.
  4. google guys, google
  5. Oh, i forgot To Post Here. i linked this thread in,3248.0.html . We are discussing a probably related Problem with The blockplacement events
  6. A bit OT: is there a new repository? seems abandoned.
  7. and another topic which seems to have similar problem:,3707.0.html block placement
  8. if that "jobs" plugin has problems with recognizing block placement, this definitively seems fishy. I get the feeling that altering handling of block placement in bukkit was necessary to get some of the mods working in the first place. a shame if that is not fixable :/
  9. Re: Is there a way to properly protect an area/chunks/spawn ? I also tried some diffrent versions of WorldEdit+WorldGuard, but still no luck :(
  10. Re: Is there a way to properly protect an area/chunks/spawn ? Well, i would still like an developer response to this. :'( All those herpderp post get one /sadpanda Oh, and there is another new thread on the same topic,3410.0.html
  11. Re: Is there a way to properly protect an area/chunks/spawn ? Are you absolutely sure that protection also prohibits BLOCK PLACEMENT ? In all those threads people are complaining about it not working as intended and i also visited many of the community servers from this forum and they all have the same problem: if i join i cant destroy blocks, but i can place them anywhere i like.
  12. Re: Is there a way to properly protect an area/chunks/spawn ? its a mess yes, but i could live with aesthetics. The biggest problem on my first 2.0 server were people building drowning/suffocation-traps at spawn.
  13. Re: Is there a way to properly protect an area/chunks/spawn ? I just tested WorldEdit 5.2 + WorldGuard 5.5.1 with tekkit2.1.1 on jdk1.7_03 , its the same story: after i protected an area, users werent able do destroy blocks but still place them. Please, if you dont personally know a way to protection working with tekkit, dont suggest mods i already tried.
  14. I have a nice rootserver desperately waiting to run Tekkit. We are already building a cliche spawn City (walls of text, tutorials, travelhub etc.) on a small, secret "offshore" vServer. From all the small Bugs and annoyances that are still present in Tekkit (its still indev , i know) the ONLY thing hindering me to make it public is the broken Protection. I want to make something not whitelisted, but those kind of servers only work if there is a way to protect certain areas. If you haven't noticed yet, a protected area tends to prohibit normal users from destroying block just fine, but they are still able to place any block anywhere they want. Im going to list a few things i tried(all these servers used jdk1.7_03): Windows 7 Tekkit2.0: "Regios", "WorldGuard", "Factions", "bukkit.yml spawn-radius: X" Linux Tekkit2.0: "Regios", "WorldGuard", "Factions", "bukkit.yml spawn-radius: X" Windows 7 Tekkit2.1.1: "bukkit.yml spawn-radius: X", "WorldGuard" Linux Tekkit2.1.1: "bukkit.yml spawn-radius: X", "WorldGuard" I also gathered a few Threads in this forum that cover the same Topic, some report mixed results for "Towny", everything else seems to be confirmed not working:,2143.0.html,2376.0.html,1922.0.html Is this "just a bug" that could get fixed in the next recomended build? is this even fixable for all the tekkit mods? tekkit seems to be based on craftbukkit 1.1R4, and there its working fine. If its not fixable, i would have to start thinking about something web based to whitelist people. Maybe this will keep most trolls and griefers away. Edit for the sake of the Formatting: Launcher/pack Version: 2.1.1 Operating System: Linux Kernel 3.0 Version of Java: jdk1.7_03 Description of Problem: Protection through Bukkit itself or plugins does not work Properly. Block placement (vanilla blocks or mod blocks) is still possible in protected areas. Error Messages: N/A Link to pastebin of log: N/A more topics edit:,3707.0.html,3410.0.html Probably best if i leave a lead to the solution here:,4645.0.html