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  1. Wow, this is way above my skill level. I just... Wow. BTW, I think this is the correct section. Why do awesome people always say that anyway?
  2. I think he is trying to run away from me... IT DIDNT WORK! I will follow you till the ends of the earth! Muhahahha!
  3. I dont know, maybe there are some like, octopuses or something (hahaimadeabadjoke.exe)? I would look at the commission rates of your favorite artists (on deviantart) or artists on your level (whatever you may think that level is).
  4. You charge what you want. I would bring in some EVIL CAPITALIST business sense and say that you should keep it low, and raise it when you get more orders. You should ask yourself how much work you put in on average and price accordingly. Also, maybe try charging higher for more work? Ex. 20 points = detailed 50 = very detailed. Also, always look at your competition.
  5. 20 points.. :0 This is awesome! Why so cheap though? :)
  6. If I could use memes on this site, I would use the take my money meme SO MUCH on your topic.
  7. "This seems like a good post" -no one ever. On a side note, how are you gunna add flowerchild dirty fanticy simulator? Im kinda curious what your plan is.
  8. Thanks! BTW, my modpack is having the same problem, but we dont have F and A, know any other mods that could conflict?
  9. Yea, Ive seen that, but the problem is that my multimc modpack does work and Ive moved the cofigs from the working one to the non working one, and it still doesn't want to work. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  10. Yes, Im sure, I actually have the same pack on multimc that does work. I tested it by moving the confgs from that pack to the technic launcher version.
  11. I'm trying to get some friends to join my modpack, but when ever I or someone else tries to log into the server, they get this error: http://pastebin.com/TvWgh0JV Here is the URL for the pack: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/ghastcraft-modpack
  12. Well, sir, that's hurtful... Im gonna cry. In all seriousness, sorry about that last part of my post. I do admit that was rude and mean spirited, and I'm sorry, but you DO get my argument as why you shouldn't care. Here's a better analogy: Why do you care if a product is getting extra advertising from a tv network just because the CEO likes the product, If your product is just being bought by your home town?
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