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  1. -18 -GMT + 0:00 (UK) - understand and use most of the mods regularly -smaller calmer server -a bit of a mix, work well either way -i do IGN: The__Arcadian (two underscores)
  2. Your Minecraft username: The__Arcadian Your age: 17 Your general location in the world (Earth): Notinghamshire, UK Your ideal starting area/biome, and most desired local resource?: Any Biome is good, most desired resource is Uranium A general description of your ideal play-style and any other information about you: my ideal play-style is a relaxed supportive atmosphere where i can build my power station
  3. IGN: The__Arcadian Age: 17 Reason for joining: I want to play on a server with friendly staff/players, without 90% of items being banned Have you read the rules: yes Tekkit experience: hosted a server for my friends, I'm very experianced with computercraft and Railcraft
  4. This is 3 applications in one, enjoy! In game name: The__Arcadian, Tohfox, Henk_Devill Age: 17, 18 & 19 (respectively) Location: UK, UK & Holland Minecraft experience to date: Many long hours of playtime over many servers. A very good knowledge of game mechanics and Tekkit Mods, especially railcraft (Arcadian) and computercraft (Also Arcadian). Why do you want to play on our server?: We're looking for a good server with a Friendly Host to play on. We need a server where the admin/staff aren't attempting to kill us every 5 minutes and generally don't become so annoying we are forced t
  5. I was just signing my name at the bottom... The name of the group is currently undecided yet , as for the art, The specifics include the YouTube channel backgrounds and Video intro sequences, we're not too bothered about the style, as long as it basically looks good, and we're not expecting Michelangelo standard but we would require something more than what an 8 year old could do (unless they were amazingly good at art, but then they're an anomaly). Hope this helps :)
  6. I'm here representing a small group of people starting up a YouTube Channel, we're looking for people who can create great pieces of artwork to accompany our videos (Lots of Minecraft/Tekkit lets plays and more) and also people who can create awesome musical intros or endings for our videos. If you can provide us with any of the two things described above (and we choose you) we would invite you to join our group properly, instead of using you as just a resource. Cheers to all who consider this offer :)
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