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  1. IGN:RygarEvil age:22 Why gearz? i need make a rockett and explore other planets and this is the best server i was found also i like build nice town with a lot of plots for people come to me new planet conquered hehehe i am expert in build a egyptian style city with piramids and sand houses but can also build medieval, or moder city
  2. i dont can enter on urs server they toldme i need some mod packs!! what happened? yesterday was work
  3. I am still thinking about use protections like factions or residence plugin that prevent the ppl grief easy!! now some one get whitelist can grieff if he use 2 accounts for example!!
  4. Oh towny no are in server? well another anti grieff is factions, but this is more for pvp servers the best antigrieff i know is residence they protect the builds also with towny tools too!! when i have my apply acecpted? i wish join to server soon! hehe thanks
  5. Only one question after i read all posts from forum, if the plugin Towny are on server why have a lot of ppl say be griefed? if they live in city no one can grief anything, if the ppl build in wildernes is about he risc for be griefer from other players (i no am griefer i never do it, well one time in old minecraft server with pvp and factions, i was griefed with other guy from enemy faction and when i go to make a revenge i was mistake and grief admi house i was banned from he (( well justice no justice? anyway) i want make at this sugestion for no stress the admi from server he must put new rule if u build in wildeness u are in danger, for no grieff u must join to some city thats is all thanks a lot for readme and hope can be aproved my apli soon!!
  6. Addme to white list plz!! In-Game Name:RygarEvil Age:22 Experience with Tekkit: very much Did you read the rules?:yes and i am agree about all