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  1. Had the exact same problem with forestry on my test world, are you using the 1.3.9 version?
  2. Yes you can indeed, but don't expect any of the mod developers to know the codings of every plugin out there. It's not their job to do so. I didn't say you can't post it, i meant you would get better quality of help from the people who actually wrote this plugin. Mod developers might know but the probability of this is lower than the original author knowing his work.
  3. So which is the correct section for a Voltz discussion thread if not the Voltz discussion forum?
  4. I suppose there is no real best way to release untested files in such communities unless an admin has approved. Someone might suspect that you have tampered with server's coding to steal personal info, and it would be hard to prove them wrong. A bit offtopic but... is it really neccessary to release a new subsubversion of Voltz every couple of days instead of gathering all major fixes on less frequent updates? I understand that it must be at least playable before focusing ahead, but people seem eager to start servers already. Back in topic, i'll take a look at your build, see what was fixed in this update if not for any other reason.
  5. is your launcher version, in order to change your modpack version choose Voltz, then go to Options and using the drop down menu find the 1.0.3 | 1.4.6 version.
  6. Isn't factions a bukkit plugin? Tekkit does have bukkit support but plugin problems should be pointed to their authors, the bug board should be for tekkit "mod" pack issues only.
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