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  1. Id love to see you on the mining dead some time!

    I have followed the tekkit classic model, and the other one, and it turned out well. All the weird, idiotic spam from enjin is gone.

  2. Yeah, it's a pretty great place. During one of it's first versions, it took me about a week of coming and going before I really got into the gameplay here. Now... wow, it's changed. Definately for the better though. side from /help newplayer you can also interact with some of the NPC's at spawn, and get a bit more info on what's going on.
  3. Well, a quick google search for ChatSuite, reveals the command. /target c:G Should work for ya, I remember when Glanco had this problem, this was the solution.
  4. Seth, here's how it is. If you had done things through the proper channels, and posted a single post ban appeal on our forums, which, you've been given the url to countless times in-game. You *may* have gotten unbanned. But, the needless spamming by you here proves what Mikhaila says, that you simply are unable to listen to and follow our rules. I'll save you the trouble of making further posts, here and anywhere else, your "ban appeal" here is denied. Any future requests to be unbanned will also be denied. Move on to another server seth, you're not welcome here.
  5. seth, this isn't the way to appeal a ban. If anything, you're only making it worse for yourself. Stop spamming this thread.
  6. I'm assuming you went to theminingdead.com Our new forums is at: http://miningdead.enjin.com/
  7. Benjiimon, you sure can appeal if you wish. Keep in mind that your mining results were considered from LogBlock, and your xray tunnels were found. Skuli banned you himself, so go right ahead, and try to give a decent explanation that disproves that data, and convinces him to let you back. Look at it this way, next time a whitelist app asks for info on past bans, you can finally say: "Yes!"
  8. cola5357: Well, they were banned simply because we had no prior knowledge of you having brothers that played the server. So, when I see accounts from the same IP of a banned player, I'm going to ban them, until I get answers about them. Especially when they come online, asking why another player was banned, I've seen that far too many times, and it was plain stupid of them to do. SlingingSeven then explained that they were your brothers' accounts, and they were promptly unbanned, about an hour or so before your post. I even told Sling, so he could pass word back to you about them being unbanned to prevent a post like this.... Mostly since they had activity before your temporary ban was issued, which you should know, was originally going to be a permanent one, consider this your warning to stay on good behavior in the future. Also, clean up your language. Taking it to that level, is rather pitiful, and certainly doesn't help your case. As for the hack client, to my knowledge, no one accused YOU of having one. SL009: Firstly, I'll say that frankly we don't really need a reason that's acceptable to you to ban. We have our own guidelines, and that's what matters to us, not your opinion on fair. We deal with this stuff far too often, and unfortunately for you, we're running out of goodwill and second chances. Mikhaila issued the ban, it wasn't because you bought lots in your town, but because you bypassed LWC protections that belonged to someone else, regardless of their in/activity, which is one of our more important rules. Regardless of your thought process, he viewed it as unacceptable, and so far, I and the other staff seem to agree. There's a reason we don't control LWC removal, and that's so Skuli can handle them on a case by case basis, since it rarely occurs. Not so that players can take it upon themselves, to bypass one of our protection systems, and suck the stuff out of someone else's chest. It's your own fault, really. We've got the info up on our site, the url of which, is provided upon every login, stating that it's only ok to loot UNSECURED chests. Continue to fight this if you really wish, but I doubt you'll get an appeal passed.
  9. Well, they weren't your lots originally. They were only up for sale, due to an unforseen side effect from deleting inactive player info from towny. It'd be one thing, if someone randomly put a locked chest onto a plot you had owned previously. But, that didn't happen.
  10. Sling, Mik and I have discussed it, and came to a decision. Going to ignore the fact that the pair of banned players, used alt accounts to return, and those accounts have been identified, and nullified. cola5357: Is now on a temp ban, with 2 days remaining. He's been known to have been looking for ways to loot Solitude, and surely had some hint that what he was doing was frowned upon. sl009: Still perma'd. Bypassing LWC chest protections is the main reason. Having recently returned, and having been told the new rules for Outlands, he chose to bypass and break them. To all players: Keep in mind, the rules we list, are guidelines for you to obey and follow. Not all situations permit us to grant extra chances to those that claim ignorance.
  11. Yet another week spent on an awesome server. New server host seems to be working out pretty well, doubled ram, and increased player slots. C'mon in folks, and kick off the weekend.
  12. Looks like the problem happened again? Similar to what happened before I suppose, last message I received, was for a player logging off, then, connection lost. I hope this won't be a regular issue :/
  13. Server is getting better everyday. Since summer is over, our younger players have less time. Perfect time for more people to come on in, and get your own chunk of zombie filled paradise.
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