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  1. We recently did a huge modpack update adding tons of new mods. These are asthetic, technical, and rp mods. I think they would be enjoyable. This includes: - IndustrialCraft - OpenComputers - Balkon's Weapons - Advanced Dispensers - EnderIO - Some more And we have permissions for all of them. Have fun.
  2. We've been in 1.7 for a while. Due to some circumstances, we really do need a wipe soon for some updates but wipes are followed by a loss of almost the entire playerbase and we cannot afford that right now. We were doing really well but are starting to, ah, be in the danger zone, so we cannot afford to do that. As for guns, those are going to be coming very soon along with some other mods. It's just with forge 1.7, you CANNOT remove mods without DELETING THE WORLD. And that is bullcrap and lex says it is low priority to fix, so, we really cannot safely add mods in case something goes wrong or they cannot update either. We're really in a bit of a rut and we cannot backdate to 1.6 either. For the time, we're sticking to smaller tweaks and bug fixes. Might as well get all of the small stuff in good condition. However, once lex fixes that and MCPC+ does some bugfixes we'll be out of the rut, but... Not out of the danger zone. We hope for the best. We really need people more now than ever with the soon swap from votes to runs/installs, or we'll be off the map (unless I'm right about the other server modpacks cheating- then we'll shoot up. Although, due to their cheating they will be up because of the runs from that anyhow). That isnt classified is it? I'll remove it from my post. Just skuli has been telling me all sorts of ideas/plans. Also, any tips for the post? I think I made a pretty effective hook, but I'm not sure what to put for the server description or how to improve it.
  3. Hosted on a dedicated host. 38 GBs of RAM, fast SSD, high speed processor. Linux operating system. WARNING: NOT FOR EVERYBODY. MOST PEOPLE CAN'T TAKE IT AND SURVIVE. CAN YOU? The Mining Dead Server Information: Existed since beta 1.8.2. We've managed to survive that long = We must have been GOOD enough to survive that long. We used to be a "Deluxe Server" on here when that was still a thing. One of the first modpacks; We got VIP early entry! Used to be where the technic pack team played. SkythekidRS played on here for a good while too, along with many other similar people. Customized CityWorld for map gen; in code and config. Custom radiation system Custom chat & ranks Custom solar flare system Custom modpack Custom mob spawns (It's specialized; rather then loaded chunks based, it's player density based!). Also custom mobs. 3 active owners. The founder, Skuli_Steinulf (he currently works with technic for modpack creation!), the main guy, zeuslightning125, and Lyokanyama. We constantly bring you more content! Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/the-mining-dead-tekkit-beta.42 THE STORY: The Outlands have been scorched and savaged by some unknown catastrophe; some say it was a nuclear war, or global warming; some blame a solar flare. Others simply accept the devastation as the just and rightful punishment of a God grown tired of humanity's hubris. Regardless of the cause, the results are plain. It's a barren, windswept, poisonous landscape; the city streets are choked with sand, the ruined buildings loom dark and forbidding, with no trace of life. The land is ravaged by merciless electrical storms and radioactive rainfall, which render the highest levels of technology useless, destroying the complicated circuits and wiring almost as soon as they're crafted. No creatures can be found wandering the radioactive wastes, with the exception of the ghoulish, mutated beings known locally as the Mining Dead. Despite these obstacles, some still cling to what could almost be called a "life" in the Outlands. These unfortunate individuals stubbornly defy the undead, Nature, and possibly even God himself for reasons known only to themselves. Some may be there searching for family, for friends lost to the wastes. Some are fools, and traveled to this desert for treasure and riches. A few even dream of using technology to bring the Outlands back to life. They imagine a world where children can once again play under the shade of a green tree, and run barefoot through green grass. They dream of a world where the screams of the dying and the moaning of the mining dead are replaced with the singing of a bird and the sound of fresh, flowing water. Note to technic: We already have a thread but I need the ability to edit it and it's extremely outdated, ect. So I made a new one. More pictures and a server description coming soon. Minecraft forums post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2494903-
  4. Why are rolling machines banned? I need some to make rails And, here's what I think about this server. It's not really anything special, but it has a nice little environment, and the 3 people that I did meet in the hours I was online were nice. That's more then I can say about most servers. Most servers end up with me saying: You suck, you're overly complicated, and you are full of jackasses. However, I do not retract my saying the server should be more unique. It's decent as is, but it could become great.
  5. This is an UNOFFICIAL THREAD. So, I recently came to check the tekkit classic discussion thread, and all I found were spammy bug report posts that were completely useless. So, here is the format to report an issue. Step 1. Try to fix it yourself. Step 2. Google it and such. Step 3. Gather logs and put them at pastebin.com. We need the crash log at the very bottom of crash-reports, and the forge-modloader-0.log.[biggest number] Step 4. Post it like this: Hey there, I have been having an issue with the modpack *modpack*. I think it has something to do with *what you think the issue is*. Here are my logs: pastebin.com/blah pastebin.com/blah *what you were doing* *what may have caused it* *anything else you know* Go to AppData/Roaming/.technic/modpacks/modpack-name/ for your logs and such. Look up how to get to appdata. Now... DO NOT GO HEELP *MODPACK* CRASHED!?!?!?!!
  6. Looks like an internal issue. It is making false assumptions about the chicken debug command. I'll post a report if you didnt already.
  7. Id love to see you on the mining dead some time!

    I have followed the tekkit classic model, and the other one, and it turned out well. All the weird, idiotic spam from enjin is gone.

  8. Its still sure alive. Just much has changed. It also has a custom pack now, and this forums post is dead. http://beta.technicpack.net/modpack/details/the-mining-dead-tekkit-beta.42
  9. If you don't already, put bukkitforge in the coremods folder (link to the Jenkins download is somewhere on technicpack.net). Then run the server one time, and move the towny or factions.jar into the newly created plugins folder. Then you just reload your server again and towny will run (all plugins are like this)
  10. If you have towny, it will also turn this off. Pretty much all anti greif plugins by default turn off fire spread and stuff, so check all of them. Yes, towny is one.
  11. Just delete the log every startup, as its the same amount every time (until somebody places a quarry ), as its just building up tons of lines. This may eventualy create lag and eat all your memory. It appears that danchors is not compatible with multiverse, makes it unload the stuff then reload it infinitely. You must remove danchors or multiverse, but if you remove danchors just get a different chunkloader, it may work.
  12. I have not, but if in the zip you create a bin folder and drop the LWJGL files in it, it should work. No idea why you would want to, but here you go.