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  1. Could you please consider heavy re-developing this plugin, It messes up most servers and crashes them.
  2. You sir are commiting fraud. Having the Trademark logo on something which clearly isn't TM: Is fraud.
  3. 1. Maybe I wanted to ban Balkon's Weapon mod, what's it to you? 2. The server rules are taken from the older version of NiTRO which I runned, Just not everything is up-to-date with the plugins.. etc. 3. If you do read, you will notice the quite large text saying "What's done or is planned:" Saying we're planning to have a .com IP address. 4. http://nitro-mc.enjin.com/arcade Arcade (game area) 5. http://nitro-mc.enjin.com/chat Chat (Under Development) 6. If you do read, you will notice the quite large text saying "What's done or is planned:" Saying we're planning to have new shop. So if you would be so kind as to please read the text given, and also please do not judge other people's server; trying to be a 'Smart-ass' no-one will like you and you'll seem like a complete twat.
  4. NiTRO-MC Tekkit Classic After a few months of no server, I personally have decided to re-open it better than ever! The plugins will be more developed and everything will be completed with hopefully no bugs. What's done or is planned: Complete Donation Store Complete Forums Advanced Chat system Arcade gaming center Rules Complete Plugin: All essential plugins. Plugin: All old plugins back! Some more anti-grief plugins Some more protection plugins Harder for people to hack DDos protection New spawn New shop New staff team New IP (.com) Server Rules: [1] No Spam [2] No Caps [3] No Cursing [4] No Swearing [5] No PVP [6] No Raiding [7] Don't ask for OP! [8] Don't ask for Ranks! [9] Don't ask for Items! [10] Must Speak eng (Main Chat) [11] No Hacked Clients [12] No Griefing [13] Obey the rules! [14] Have Fun! Banned Items: [1] Nukes [2] TNT [3] ind. TNT [4] Gem Armour [5] Nova Bomb [6] Dynamite [7] Tank Cart [8] Crafting Table II [9] Mining lasers [10] Bombs [11] All EE Ring (Not Flying) [13] Crystal Chest Banned Mods: [1] Balkon's Wepon Mod [2] ComputerCraft [1] Hacks, hacked clients, cheating programs, or any attempt to gain an unfair advantage over another player through exploits, bugs, cheating software or hardware (such as a gaming mouse with macro keys) is a bannable offense. We have the best cheating detection in the Minecraft community and have absolutely zero tolerance for wasting our time. You will not be unbanned - period. [2] The only allowed client mods are Rei's Minimap, Optifine, StatusEffectHUD, GammaBright, The use of any other mod could fall under rule #1 (hacked clients) and could result in a permanent ban. If you would like to get a mod approved for use in the NiTRO-MC Network please post it to the forums for consideration. Please note that any mod that gives you an unfair advantage over other players (auto-clicking, entity radar, etc) will not be allowed, and use of such will result in a permanent ban. [3] Any duplication of items, exploits, bugs, xray texture packs/programs or third-party programs that give you an unfair advantage over another player will result in a ban - this includes gaming mice, third party programs that allow you to rebind keys, set macros, etc. Please report any exploits to the Bug Reports forum. [4] Do not spam the chat in the servers or on the website. [5] Do not advertise on the NiTRO-MC Network website or in the chat of any NiTRO-MC servers. You are allowed to advertise your NiTRO-MC live stream or Youtube channel with NiTRO-MC related content (once is enough do not spam it). [6] Racism, bigotry, personal threats, or other forms of hate speech are strictly prohibited on the NiTRO-MC Network website, forums, or in the NiTRO-MC Network servers. This includes racist names, skins, nudity, pornography, foul language and cybering. This is a kid friendly environment and we intend to keep it that way. [7] Impersonation of a developer, administrator, or other staff member is strictly prohibited. Staff applications are accepted but only on our website: http://nitro-mc.enjin.com
  5. You can just delete the NEI.jar file, this will stop the hack and you can still use NEI
  6. We could always use one I'v been working on with Enjin, I can give you the details to able to edit it or if you make an account I can give you "Admin" Powes (Do anything to it) http://the-tekkitserver.enjin.com
  7. But when i click forums it takes me to a diffrent website forums?
  8. In game Name: OptimalBubble Age:16 Mature, sometimes has a joke. Timezone/country:GMT+1 United Kingdom - England - Coventry. How good is your English:Fluent. Any previous experience? (Server names and if there still up): I have much experience as staff, such as a server called 'IOn's tekkit' which has sadly died i was Head-Admin everyone loved me<3. At the moment on the server called 'Kingdom of Shadows' i am HeadAnti-Grief team, I know all the commands and such. Why do you want to be staff: Firstly I would like to say this application is to apply for trial-mod just to see if i can do a good job and maybe stay as mod if i do good. I can make sure people don't grief, spam or advertise i know the server has many plugins to and i will prevent this but just in case griefing or anything bad happens i will do my best to stop it or fix it. i like helping people because i know what it feels like to be griefed and i hate being griefed, i really really like to help people and will never break the server rules, i used to play on the server so i know mostly all the commands. I already help people and would like to do it as a server job as moderator. Why should we choose you in 50 Words: I would like to be staff because i hate griefers/raiding and really like to help people. I play on the server everyday and i started playing when the server was just getting to grip, I'm very friendly with other people and staff, i know a lot of people from ages ago on the server. Like i said i really like to help people i it would be amazing to be a staff member, i always follow the rules and catch on fast if there are any new rules or plugins. i can talk on Skype most nights to staff but some i will not be able to . Time you can spend on the server and how long have you been playing:2/3/4 Hours, Weekends about 5 to 7 hours There is not always staff online and i will do my best to fill in them empty slots. I have been playing since the server was like in 'Beta' so yeah.. Have you ever been banned before:I Think i was banned once when the server first started for spaming but i don't spam anymore i was such a noob back then :'). Can anyone Vouch for you to be a good staff member? if so please list there username:Well i think: Krypt and TheDerf80 Would Vouch for me. Are there any other ways we can contact you?: Yes - Jay,cutts31 feel free to add me and like i said i can talk most nights on Skype to other staff. I can talk most off the time except when i'm sleeping. I currently have Derfy on Skype so if you need to contact me feel free to do so. Also [email protected] Or [email protected]. - OptimalBubble
  9. Thanks so much been searching for a while now for a plugin like this . Suggestion: Have people able to edit the message's such as "You're unable to right click with the tools due to mass griefing." -Opti Tech-iT Craft
  10. NiTRO-MC Developer/Owner

  11. Don't bother i got a job and such done some plugins, built spawn and then got banned.. don't even bother applying it's not woth it.
  12. Hey, I'm OptimalBubble A Medium sized server owner off 'Tech-It Craft' i'v been having some problems with the < > in people's names many people don't like them and my self i agree they are just ugly. I much prefer: -=Owner=- OptimalBubble: Hi. Not: <-=Owner=- OptimalBubble> Hi. If anyone knows how to fix this please comment with an easy solution. Cheers, -Opti
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