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  1. I was using latest, works after installing in the modpack jar, thanks.
  2. add nikolite ore to the list of mineable blocks in the railcraft config or turn off the mining check in the same config. will solve your problem, and the bore will still pick it up.
  3. that is exactly what I tried, with the latest worldedit release applied to the server, and got nothing. is there a setting that needs to be changed or an alternate installation sequence for tekkit that will get this working?
  4. Any news on this? tried a few things and got nothing. its the only thing I miss from modding my own MC file vs using tekkit.
  5. same crash issue, tekkit 3.0.4 and JRE 7u4 64bit. have tried with and without any IC items, have tried completely reinstalling tekkit, have tried the small room, nothing works. no other bugs previously encountered
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