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  1. no everything was secured but when I moved with the pump extended it crashed also bc pipes dissapear or become invisible when moved by frames I have a working frame quarry. I was trying to add the functionality to pump liquides to my rig.
  2. Hi I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to pump liquids onto their mobile fortress. I tried using a build craft pump but after I had pumped the liquid and tried to move my base my client crashed. I was thinking about using the red power pump, but I'm thinking that I'll get the same problem when I'm trying to move the source blocks into tank with the buildcraft pump to save space. Any ideas?
  3. Application Age:19 IGN:1RyanIsAwesome1 Mods experienced in:IC, BC, Red Power, Rail Craft, EE
  4. Hi I'm Interested in Beta testing. I have skype and team speak. I've been using IC and build craft since 1.7 Also I know EE, and a bit of railcraft. Oh and Red Power too.
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