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  1. People who blindly go "UMG EE SHOULD BE REMOVED THIS INSTANT ARGH PERIOD." annoy me but I can 100% see where the anti EE arguments are coming from. Following in yogscastlana's steps on getting started I spent ages mining and getting resources, then he starts going into EE. I go from routing the shit of my quarry into an energy condenser and still having a huge challenge getting things to just flying around summoning shit from nothing and being totally fucking bored. Still, their are many aspects that people choose to ignore in favour of hating it. It is so unbelievably useful to just put your shit into a chest and slowly have it converted to diamonds. While it may be "magic" I see lots of factory's that just need you to insert high EMC value things and then the factory converts it into the required items. Also the flying ring is unbelievably useful, The jetpack is a piece of shit and you cant deny it. Nothing beats free flying. I like where it comes from and I really do like it, of coarse until one day while opening the door to my tree house with my red matter axe then the thing goes "OH YOU WANT ME TO CHOP THIS DOWN DO YOU? MY PLEASURE" and fucking ruins everything. Its handy to have a right click take that tree down button but using it on the forest clears like 2 or 3 chunks of tree and it just needs a little rebalance. Some aspects (like the previous) are ridiculous and need some form of nerf or some incentive to keep playing after reaching endgame. It reminds me of the argument that sparked after crafting table III's removal. Basicly in that argument all I saw was "Its pretty damn handy" "ITS TOO HANDY WE DON'T WORK HARD ENOUGH GASHWEDGWHD". The thing is no matter what you use its designed to make you work less hard. Arguments that EE make the game easier are pretty stupid compared to the fact EVERY SINGLE MOD IN TEKKIT IS DESIGNED TO MAKE SOME ASPECT OF THE GAME EASIER. If the people who argue for harder gameplay are looking for harder gameplay so much, newsflash, the base game is a lot fucking harder then tekkit. No shortcuts, every single diamond is a diamond you mined. No way to make that cobblestone useful, that shit is and will always be cobblestone. No way to double your ore outcome, no way to remove the need for coal, no way to set something up to mine for you and then idle. Wanna make a computer? Well start building, because your building that shit piece by piece with the limited vanilla redstone. No redwire, you gotta find a way to make that dust climb up that wall, no just placing it on the wall. No magical add redstone to stone to make a computer. No magical add glass to stone to make a monitor, you make every single individual meter square pixel of that screen. If we learned to play our own style and stop judging people for taking the easier route we would have a lot more fun. Maybe if we even tried a different style we can see where other people are coming from. But if your arguing your route is the best and most fun when its the only route you have used, your gonna have a bad time.
  2. Beer, every time you post you change your story. How can you say that crafting table 3 is buggy when you have never used it? Just fucking give up beer, your being a no-life constantly coming back here to flame.
  3. Haha... I could agree with the rest of that post if you didn't use that line to be a dick. Your problem with crafting table 3 is that people use it and you don't? Newsflash: Your auto circuit --->>MAKER<<--- does give you an advantage over the people who use CT3. You proved what I was saying. Ok, put out the fire, lets take a step back here and remove these sticks from up our arse. At the end of the day the only truly irremovable mods are Industrialcraft, Redpower, Buildcraft and EE. But using the "I'M GLAD ITS GONE BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE IT" as an answer to a question about a mod removal is stupid. Do you know what I hate? bluetricity. Its fucking pointless, hardly used and to generate any power for it you have to waste 3 or 4 blocks for solar panels. Bluetricity is one too many power types, I can stand Buildcraft having its own power type as that's needed for its function, plus thanks to Tekkit team a mod to port power between IC and Buildcraft is in so its not a problem. But bluetricity is fucking annoying and is pretty much required if you want to do anything advanced using Redpower. If tomorrow the Redpower maker said "KTHXBAI Bluetricity suck my fucking diiiick!" I would be happy. But others wont. Their are people out there who would be really angry, and would have every right to be. My point is beer, you have no fucking right to bitch slap people for wanting answers after something you hate is removed, your opinion is your own worthless opinion, like my opinion is my own worthless opinion. Stop being a dick on this thread, people have a right to be annoyed. Let them cool off, don't fan the flames!
  4. I think its more the spirit of tekkit to make a auto maker (put in high EMC valued stuff, receive bacon), because an auto crafter is pretty stupid. I made one for LV solar arrays before I knew of CT3, and my god what a fucking waste. While I'm all for "spirit" that's just a plain waste of space and resources. While I have never had a problem with CT3 (not once. at all. stop it beer, you've been drinking too much, your scaring the kids which your screaming about baby killer CT3) if it does have a MAJOR problem which stops it being in, I'm fine with waiting. but just announcing it with just a Removed Crafting Table III and ignoring us is leaving a lot to be desired, its just bugging me so much that they wont say why its removed. Maybe it will be in the recommended build. Who knows...
  5. I agree with the factory thing, but still. EE can be argued (by some) to remove the spirit of tekkit. I have a feeling bugs with damage values might be one big reason, it lets you craft gem armour with empty klien star omegas (removes ALOT of EMC needed) and all the types of wood from any wood. EDIT: Open mouth, insert foot. The wood thing is deliberate, but I have a feeling the wood thing is the reason why the klein star bug exists.
  6. Me too. I hope they answer about the official reason, or the author updates in time for the official release of 3.1.x
  7. Title: Bore not mining through marble Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: Windows 7 64 bit Java Version: 1.7.0_02 Description of Problem: The bore cart on railcraft isn't mining marble. This is totally ridiculous as marble is extremely common and I don't want to have to follow my bore constantly removing marble from its path, It removes the point of having a bore!