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  1. couple things that will hopefully help. with the tablet, it seems to be a bug. if there are multiple tablets in a world, when you put something in that it wont accept, it will spit it out either at another tablet, or somewhere random in the entire world. with the machines, there can be a few problems. 1st off where is it located? if its the solar panel is it exposed to sunlight(top) and if using copper make sure its not to long, because you loose 1 eu per 5 blocks with those. but if they produce no energy with batter, perhaps its meant to not be strong enough to directly charge something. if y
  2. just something that might help with developing MP version of this is you can use IC2 teleporters. a bit different than thaumcraft portals, but with the solar arrays and a few mfsu's you can go very far. also mellenair (i don't care if i spelled that wrong) i can live without, and i think many others could aswell. keeping this in mind, making a SMP version of this wouldn't be to hard.
  3. you can get pumpkins by using the philosophers stone on watermelon block, then you can craft it into seeds if you really want pumpkins.
  4. couple things. how is this the wrong bored? this is the tekkit bored he posted tekkit stuff on... but there's a plugin called "recipe manger" that was in the previous version of tekkit (i don't know if it still is) and you can add/update crafting recipe. i think.
  5. Nope. it only goes the other way around. so client has to have all the server's mods but server doesn't need all client's mods. But if the clients mods aren't on the server they cant use them.
  6. It would help if there was more information... perhaps a picture? Anyways it could be formatted wrong and have a different symbol. check if there is a launch.bat with a text document icon, or try re downloading. cant help any more than that without more info.
  7. it lets me build/destroy fine without op. make sure your not in the spawn area, non-ops cant do anything there. also i believe /setspawn will move it to where you type it from. otherwise it shouldn't prevent anyone from building outside spawn (unless someone installs and uses a protection plugin)
  8. yeah it doesnt seem to work... must be a conflict with something, well if you need an auto miner in a legit world use the IC2 miner. very useful if you know how to use it. but if you need tons of cobblestone for something then just use EE and make tons with some sugar canes or something.
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