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  1. NoCreepers.net Tekkit Legends IP: NoCreepers.net Current Version: 1.1.1 Server Specs: Processor: Intel Xeon E5 1650v3 (6 cores / 12 Threads) RAM: 32GB DDR4 Basic Server Info: We are Back! This is the original NoCreepers.net server and crew. A few of us original NoCreeper players were wanting to get back into Minecraft and what better ModPack to play than Tekkit! As always, this server will be Adult run and will reside on professional equipment by Admins and Moderators who know what they are doing. Rules: No GriefingNo Drop PartiesNo AdvertisingNo PVPRespect All PlayersWatch the Language plea
  2. Hey did you bann me cause it says im banned and i didnt even do anything

  3. Yep... permissions is a tricky one. I am actually running pex and permissions from forge to make things work on my server. Let me know if I can help.
  4. Hey Bailey - I run a "semi-large" tekkit server myself and would like to chit-chat over plugins/griefing/server performance if you are interested. We may have some ideas to help each other out. Can i add you on Skype?
  5. Why is server showing im not on white-list has it become a white listed server my mc name is TettRamm aswell btw

  6. Looking for a new tekkit server?

    Come join us a play.ragemc.com:30001

  7. thank you for reading this if u did read this

  8. part 3 of apolge

    you decided to let me rejoinyiur comunity i will be gratful and you can use hawkeye and monitor me and other people you can ask is EXPERT, guppymann and blake they are all good people who ( i hope ) trust me because i trust them. i hope this is enough to change your decision about me i hope to be playing on your awesome server soon again..........


  9. part 2 of apolige

    was currently building him a house i only killed the cows that time was because i was hungrey and was dying and had (i think valuble items on me) i did not mean any harm or disrespect i love this server nocreepers.net has a friendly comunity with friend staff and owners it is very hard to come by one ok a kind servers i was deveststed when i got banned because i had done lots of work if

  10. Part 1 of apolige


    My in game name is Demonic_Beast i am so sorry for what i have done i did not mean to kill the cows in your pen i am truely sorrry about this, this is a mistake i shall not make again if you please pardon me i am not a griefer i have done lots of things with my team members Miljaker and jb992 ask Mac_pro1999 he knows because we are good friends i have helped him alot i

  11. $15 dollar donation if problem is fixed and all important items and stuff returned.

    P.S. If you respond with okay you will receive list of items and stuff.

    PL0X Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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