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  1. That's odd. 0.6.1 is sort of broken. Several of the included mods don't load properly and the config files are incomplete.
  2. I don't think 0.6.0 or 0.6.1 are recommended versions. They are bleeding edge and have bugs. Technic client users should just stick with "recommended" builds for the most part. There are serious problems with the launcher and the way information is provided (e.g. that wiki is horrible), but I think plowmanplow says it pretty well; just load it up, see what's inside, and that's pretty much all the platform is gunning for. Change logs are a concern for host admins who can easily diff the config files and check mod author resources. Adding changelog functionality to the launcher doesn't affect host admins because those resources are obtained separately and they need to examine changes manually anyway to suit their individually configured servers.
  3. This is the case since 0.6.0, and yes that will restrict nether ore from generating. I'm not sure why it was set this way upstream nor do I know where to read commit logs or who to contact to ask why. A MinY definition isn't even necessary. Those lines can be deleted.
  4. Try command /gamerule doMobSpawning I haven't experienced this problem with a barebones 0.6.1 host. So it could be; some extra plugin setting, the above command, or view distance in (plus a restart). Otherwise, it could be that your maximum mob count is completely consumed by someone's mob grinder? These structures are silly and unecessary on tekkit hosts.
  5. "It" being the modpack options on the launcher? The launcher often fails to fetch modack info from the server. Just wait a couple minutes and restart the launcher to recache the version list. Best practice is to stick fast with a particular version.
  6. Tip: Don't try updating an existing Tekkit Lite world to version 0.6.1 unless you are okay with items disappearing. I don't know enough about this problem to provide any answers, but lots of things went missing when I tried. Assets (both in chests and placed blocks) from IC2, Redpower2, and Mystcraft disappeared. I was able to restore Mystcraft linking books using the tools that come with Mystcraft, but I had to manually restore all the other assets. Mod assets from some other mods were not affected. e.g. Buildcraft, Powerconverters. Perhaps this has something to do with changing item ids in forge?
  7. Your Tekkit Lite version needs to match the server. So if you updated, and the server didn't then you need to change your version back using the modpack options: You can Manually select whatever version the server runs and the Technic Platform launcher will automatically grab all the correct software.
  8. This usually has to do with the view-distance setting in the the file. I've got it set to 10 chunks which seems pretty good.
  9. - UTC -0500 afternoons and evenings. (Eastern Americas) - Looking for a few people to collaboratively learn Tekkit Lite version 0.6.1. (bleeding edge) - Newbies preferred for a peaceful, learning experience on a tiny server. (You and a friend, 2-3 max) - Pure survival, mostly communal resources, collaborative, very few slots. UPDATE: Full! Thanks for the thread, Torezu.
  10. This looks like a delayed response from the server. Perhaps try again shortly. Also, I recommend re-downloading the Technic launcher from Your build is a little bit old. (This is unrelated to your error report.)
  11. Also, your screen aspect ratio has an effect on rendering NEI. Try playing in windowed mode and stretch the window so it's wider and reopen your inventory. NEI won't even bother rendering if there isn't much room to the right of the player inventory.
  12. Try waiting for the Technic Platform launcher to load all modpack information. The servers seem to be slow today. (I'm guessing whenever there are changes to download everyone hits the servers at the same time for the data.) I had to wait a few minutes between tries.
  13. Title: Tekkit Lite 0.6.0 fails to automatically download minecraft 1.4.7 and mmmPowersuits build 178 Version: 0.5.1 OS: Archlinux Java Version: OpenJDK 1.7.0_17, 64-bit Description of Problem: This pertains to Tekkit Lite version 0.6.0 only. I've tested other versions and they seem fine. 0.6.1 is fine, but don't try to upgrade a 0.6.0 world to 0.6.1. I think many item IDs were changed -- items will be lost! minecraft.jar v1.4.7 issue: - From the Technic Launcher manually select Tekkit Lite version 0.6.0 (specifically 0.6.0, others are fine) - Technic Launcher pops up an error: failure to download minecraft.jar 1.4.7. - The correct url is provided in the error message, which seems odd to me. - To fix it locally: delete directory .technic - create directories .technic/tekkitlite/bin - manually download old minecraft to new bin directory: - restart Technic Launcher and run Tekkit Lite 0.6.0 normally. Modular Powersuits: - When connecting to a 0.6.0 server an error says mmmPowersuits is missing. It cites the wrong version: 0.2.2-170. - To fix it locally download the correct version from here: - Drop this file in your .technic/tekkitlite/mods directory These issues should be easy to fix upstream. Error Messages: unable to download Error Log:
  14. Just a guess, but try adding your server to your client server list with host address of or localhost instead of the external IP address. If you feel confident tinkering with the Windows 7 firewall you could start there. Start > All Programs > Accessories > (hold Ctrl+Shift and click) Command Prompt netsh firewall set opmode disable then later netsh firewall set opmode enable
  15. Interesting. This hack to implement the ICCCM focus standard works with Java Swing from jre6, but not correctly/all the time with jre7. It's a known problem and there has been no development toward a fix. I'm just going to try jre6 for a while and see if I can at least get a few crash logs.