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    Symbols and tesla coils :)
  2. God dammit. Just realised what day this was posted on. I was looking forward to Buggering The Wall and technic pack :(
  3. Great to hear Find it a bit odd that the BTW's guy wants his own addition. Seems a little full of himself but whatever, BTW + Technic WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. Hey all Ive got a creation that Im working on that essentially uses 32 forestry wheat farms to auto harvest and then turns them into thaum, duplicates some of it into coal to fuel the engines, some of it into diamonds and some of it into thaum to power verdant symbols to increase the efficiency and make it worth doing (since without a high yield, I can't make enough coal to fuel the steam engines, meaning the whole thing can't sustain). My napkin maths based on a single unit says Ill have a self sustaining monstrocity that gives me 14 diamonds a minute, completely free. Anyways, my problem with verdant symbols is that cause massive FPS lag, so much that I can't activate flight in creative mode before I place more than half of them. Is there an alternative in the technic pack or a way to reduce the amount of lag they give me? I didn't feel it was a bug, so decided to post here instead.
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