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  1. Of course if your after direct education on the mods in the pack, rather than watching someone play for hours you could check out my thread that covers I think 16 of the mods from the pack and I will expand on it further when I find time of course pretty much all my tutorials can easily be found on the wiki also. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  2. It's back the adventure map is still under construction, Me, Space and TG have a build off to see who can create the best jar for the main chamber of Hyrule castle
  3. Its a great game and inspired me to produce this series though its something I've wanted to do for a long time... Here is some new episodes...
  4. I think this issue was addressed a while ago. Here was the solution that seemed to work for most people. You need to download the 4.1 version of "Flan's mod". Then open the version 4.1, go to the folder co / uk / flansmod / common / drivables and look for the file called entityseat.class. Next open the same folder in version 4.1.1 in your attack of the b-team folder and copy entityseat.class into the folder, ensuring to replace files (make a backup first). Now you should be able to turn the cockpit without issue. This may not work with servers unless you update the packs server side.
  5. Well I know this isn't a mod included in AOTBT but I think as so many people asked me about it I would include it with this series of videos... How to install Shaders for AOTBT You can view it @
  7. The 9th and final part of my tutorial series for Thermal Expansion is now available for viewing @
  11. Another section of Thermal expansion is now covered in the latest tutorial Strongboxes, Tanks and much more. You can see it @
  14. Hi guys after producing a massive list of tutorials I found a lot of people were asking me to play attack of the bteam on my channel and not wishing to disappoint here is the series...
  19. Quite a lot of the mods used do not have updated versions for the latest version of mc though admittedly a lot of them have been updated to 1.7.10 so there is a possibility that they might update it to current but I think its unlikely to see that update anytime soon. I hear there is a revenge of the B-Team coming that I assume will use what mods have been updated to latest and most probably drop a few and add a few new ones to bring in a new more up to date pack.
  20. Next up in Thermal Expansion tutorial series the Sawmill, Induction Smelter and Energetic Infuser. You can watch it directly @
  21. The next part in my Minecraft Thermal Expansion tutorial series we take a look at the Pneumatic Servo, Aqueous Accumulator, Glacial Precipitator and Igneous Extruder. You can watch ot @ '> or earlier in this thread.
  22. On a side not I dont believe there is a shaders pack that works consistently in AOTBT so far I find during my mod tutorials I have to switch between at minimum 2 different shader packs to get things to display correctly. An easy example of this is if you use seus which in my mind is truly the best shaders pack you will notice on any thermal expansion blocks you will get a constant flashing white overlay where the shader doesnt work correctly with the overlay or carpenters blocks become solid and regardless of applied material the shows show the frame work pattern. If you manage to find work that does work consistently please feel free to let me know as I would love to not have to constantly switch packs during recording to ensure everything displays correctly.
  23. Still not really the correct place for this sort of thing, goto server section and search for a 15 slot server and see what comes up.