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  1. ►IGN: AdellRazh ►Age: 19 ►Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time ►Time usually on: I'll be honest, it varies wildly. Usually Midday onwards PST. ►What is geocaching?: Take a box. Dump it, somewhere in the world that you think would be cool for others to see. Tell someone else to go there. Think, hey, that's a rather neat idea. Start a website. Realise there is already a website for geocaching. Join it. ???. Profit. And then a movement happened.
  2. This is stupidly massive. Just what. I am in awe. Terror and awe.
  3. Minecraft Name: AdellRazh Do you have any bans on record?: Nope. ... I feel like I should add something. Oh well.
  4. Ingame Name: AdellRazh Reason of joining: I enjoy working in a public environment and having people to talk to. Experience: A few months, but I know my way around most of the mods. Age: 19 Favorite mod: Red Power, so very much.
  5. Age: 19 IGN: AdellRazh Have you ever been banned, if so, explain why and how many times you have been banned: Not that I'm aware of. Why do you think you should join this server (5-6 Sentences): I enjoy building and socializing in Minecraft, which is hard to do in sub-par servers. Also, I figure helping a fellow Tekkiteer out is the best way to pay forward people helping me. Aside from that, I figure if I'm going to put forward the effort to make something wonderful, I might as well make it visible to the public, and there's nowhere better than a server for that. Also I'd like people to talk to/at. Why should we except you to this server (5-6 Sentences): I have an excellent grasp of most major mods and a few minor ones, I'm willing and able to teach and learn. I work quickly and my buildings are simple yet attractive. I'm (usually) active and polite. I'm generally noncompetitive, mature, and considerate. Have you read and studied the rules: I have indeed. What will you do for the server (5-6 Sentences): I will build the single greatest RedPower monstrosity ever conceived by man. Angels will weep. I suppose I can make some pointlessly contrived machines to do simple tasks. Maybe create a massive pipe system to transport dirt from one hole to another, forever. You know, regular Tekkit stuff. Also, I'll provide my charm and experience for the community at large.
  6. They're quite likely placebos. Besides which, it's not really possible to copyright letters and symbols. You can trademark, but that's expensive and time consuming. There's not much the GR developers can do. Maybe she just intends it as a reference? Nine characters doesn't really hurt anyone.
  7. IGN: AdellRazh Reason for wanting to become a member?: To have people to derp around with while derping around with Tekkit. Anyone will tell you derps become exponentially derpier (and, as such, more fun) as you add people in to them. Kind of like icecream. /awkwardmetaphor Will you follow the rules that we have set for this server?: ... Why is this one different than all the other applications? OwO; *rereads OP furiously* I don't understaaaaaaaaand. x.x
  8. It doesn't help Windows 7 hides appdata. The bugger.
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