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  1. I joined.. I can't break, nor chat. No permissions for anything. Is this something you meant to be like or not? IGN: LaFesta1749
  2. Hello everyone! I created a tekkit lite server a few days ago and just been playing solo on it by myself. Wanted to open the doors for others so i can have company on the server! Please fill in the information below so i can figure out who would fit in the most. IGN: AGE: SKYPE (or any way of contacting you): Maturity Level: Favorite Mods: Why do you want to join: Do you have a microphone so we can talk while playing: I'll only accept up to 5 people! If you get accepted and you don't play you'll get un-whitelisted and another player will take your slot!
  3. IGN: LaFesta1749 Age: 19 Maturity Level: Mature enough, I just wanna have fun in a small server Favorite Mods: Buildcraft, IC2, Power Armor and so on XD Why do you want to join: I keep looking for good server but can't find any. Also I'm trying to look for a small server in which we all can talk (if possible) and play for fun and so on. Skype: LaFesta1749 (if you need to contact me, or just send a private message here)
  4. What's wrong with you? 17k of each or a total of that much? WHAT?! Just .. What?? You're insane.. I can only get a few to work, not talking about 17k o.o wooow
  5. There's always enough ways to spend it, but you must know atleast where and how much to spend on it : ) It's not like - spend 5000 on this and won't even be using it in the near future because you'll buy something better
  6. Aren't 2 emitters too much for ONE mass fab? I think 1 emitter is enough XD Also.. Hardcore server? o.o Wow, I'm looking forward for that one for sure!
  7. just get a diamond myst age and don't worry about resources.. like.. ever again XD also place 120+ quarries like Chugs in it.. And you're all good with resources in the next few hours for your whole life XD
  8. Dang it.. You rich people.. Grrrr.. Gimme some :{ I'ma kill ya' all !!!! ALL OF YOU!!! Tho.. That said.. My house is going pretty good so far (if storm decides to help..) XD
  9. Oh, are you? Can I steal some from you? XD Just.. Just a few thousand? XD I promise that I'll replace them with normal solars or generators even XD
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