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  1. IGN: LaFesta1749 IRL name (optional): Emil Why you want to join: I've been searching for quite a while for a server where I can play with a few people and have a small community. Build together and such things. Why you like PvE over PvP and raiding: I never liked PvP, mostly because I'm bad at it I can't go around swinging my sword killing anyone. I don't like it since when you die you lose all your stuff, but that's not the real reason. The real reason is that I've always preferred PvE in any games since it doesn't involve me getting killed. I just like to make a small town (depends on how many people there'll be) and just live and building together with them. Discord ID: #5431
  2. I joined.. I can't break, nor chat. No permissions for anything. Is this something you meant to be like or not? IGN: LaFesta1749
  3. Hello everyone! I created a tekkit lite server a few days ago and just been playing solo on it by myself. Wanted to open the doors for others so i can have company on the server! Please fill in the information below so i can figure out who would fit in the most. IGN: AGE: SKYPE (or any way of contacting you): Maturity Level: Favorite Mods: Why do you want to join: Do you have a microphone so we can talk while playing: I'll only accept up to 5 people! If you get accepted and you don't play you'll get un-whitelisted and another player will take your slot!
  4. IGN: LaFesta1749 Age: 19 Maturity Level: Mature enough, I just wanna have fun in a small server Favorite Mods: Buildcraft, IC2, Power Armor and so on XD Why do you want to join: I keep looking for good server but can't find any. Also I'm trying to look for a small server in which we all can talk (if possible) and play for fun and so on. Skype: LaFesta1749 (if you need to contact me, or just send a private message here)
  5. What's wrong with you? 17k of each or a total of that much? WHAT?! Just .. What?? You're insane.. I can only get a few to work, not talking about 17k o.o wooow
  6. There's always enough ways to spend it, but you must know atleast where and how much to spend on it : ) It's not like - spend 5000 on this and won't even be using it in the near future because you'll buy something better
  7. Aren't 2 emitters too much for ONE mass fab? I think 1 emitter is enough XD Also.. Hardcore server? o.o Wow, I'm looking forward for that one for sure!
  8. just get a diamond myst age and don't worry about resources.. like.. ever again XD also place 120+ quarries like Chugs in it.. And you're all good with resources in the next few hours for your whole life XD
  9. Dang it.. You rich people.. Grrrr.. Gimme some :{ I'ma kill ya' all !!!! ALL OF YOU!!! Tho.. That said.. My house is going pretty good so far (if storm decides to help..) XD
  10. Oh, are you? Can I steal some from you? XD Just.. Just a few thousand? XD I promise that I'll replace them with normal solars or generators even XD
  11. Yeah.. Well.. I'm still waiting for him .-. Still waiting.. : D Can't do anything about it, he's busy too, so.. My only option is waiting : D