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  1. I joined the server a few days ago, and flint and steel doesn't work. Really doesn't work, I can't even light a nether portal :/ Hope this can be resolved.
  2. In game name: Grandmaster_Jax Age: 17 Location (Preferably UK): Not the UK, Texas actually, but I plan to live in the UK(Besides its good to add a little outside culture) Minecraft experience to date: Experiences range from playing classic, although I began playing just before Alpha, classic Tekkit, just finished playing the new Tekkit, and was interested in Big Dig. I haven't played Big dig before, so bear with me if I am a little lost at times. I am a fairly friendly person, the only times I get upset are when people ask for help, but won't accept it, wouldnt that upset you too? I want to play on your server due to the small community, and open friendly nature. Anything else you think we should know: I am not, as people think my name suggests related in any way to LoL, never played the game before.
  3. @Kommunističeskiĭ I recovered the world, It just didn't load properly, which was quite odd:/. Anyway, as for the power armor, don't worry about that, I got a new set.
  4. I just crashed the server (oops) looks like its been my fault for a few times, The age that I was in and had been quarrying and living in, ect. Has become corrupt, and I think thats what crashed it. and in the deletion of my player file is no big deal, except i had just finished adding everything to my power armor the night before :/ As for the Age it had a Bio-generator plant a couple quarrys done mining but not removed and quite a few tesseracts linking it all, I don't think I'll be able to recover any of it though.
  5. Couldn't you set up a like command block with the command save-all and have it activate the command every 8 hours? If you cant get it to work irl, make it happen in game.
  6. As far as I can tell it wasnt a typical rollback, the server just reset to a good 14 hours ago :I It also is not staying up very well at the time
  7. Havocphantom and Ragatokk, could you two perhaps, message eachother and yell there rather than here on the forums, and when you two cool your jets, fix the situation on the server. I'm sure to outsiders people arguing isn't the best representation of the server.
  8. Considering the argument above, I think I should mention(since the server is in maintenance atm); mystcraft books and portals, bookbinders and writing desks, can be accesed even, if protected, could that be added to Gp, so stuff like whats above this post doesn't happen again.
  9. The server keeps crashing, and somewhere in those crashes I died from being teleported into the sky. The items lost were 2 big backpacks, one red one blue. The quarry I had earlier gotten b/c of a rollback a magmatic engine, and almost every type of pipe because I was heading to set up the quarry. -Jax
  10. I was writing in a writing desk and accidentally put my Minium stone into my active inventory slot, for some reason EE3 and Mystcraft argue with eachother and It crashed, I can't log back in unless I move or remove the minium stone from its spot in my player file. I found a program that should be able to edit the player files, since it doesn't have just minecraft constraints. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/840677-nbtexplorer-nbt-editor-for-windows-and-mac/ Once you open the program go to the players .dat file and look for the Inventory entry it should look like ( Inventory: # entries) When you open that tab it will show each active inventory slot with 4 individual entries specifying the item the minium stone id is 5205, If you could find and delete that entry I would appreciate the help.
  11. •Minecraft IGN: Grandmaster_Jax •Age: Seventeen •Gender: Male •Location: Central Texas •I want to play on T4 because I have been looking, and to no avail for a server with a truly unlimited tekkit experience. However your server fits that bill. In recent experiences with tekkit servers I have found that they crash often, and connections tend to be terrible. Owners often disable mods, but not others leading to "internal server error(s)." Which is very, very frustrating. Over the two, almost three years that I have been playing minecraft, I have yet to find a truly stable, lasting and enjoyable server. Are you capable of changing that? •I stated a few past experiences earlier but I felt I should elaborate more, typically I have ended up on PvP and Faction servers. which, is fun for the first 38 minutes and then quickly dwindles down. I used to play on community servers often, and the fact you have a small player cap is what drew my attention. having a select number of players leads people to band together and learn together, as well as to create new amazing things, and that doesn't happen on big servers.
  12. Grandmaster_Jax 17, Central Texas Yes I have been banned(temporarily), if that is banning yourself to see if a permission works counts. I love having the interaction between players You know this is a member application right? Of course I do! I have been playing since 2011 How did you find us? The technic forums offer a server hunting service, you should try it! What's your favorite color? Green, not the light kind but the dark mysterious one. >.> Will you please make an account on our Website? Its an enjinpowered one right? ( then I already have one.) Anything else you want to add? Im tired of math, so I would rather not.
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