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  1. well now we just found out that it affects windows as well
  2. its not fair i finally got tekkit working on my computer then the f*****g 1.3 patch comes out :(
  3. the yogbox doesn't work with 1.3 patch you have to wait until the technic launcher is updated to 1.3
  4. its because minecraft 1.3 patch has came out
  5. I dont know if this will help i posted about the minecraft 1.3 patch thing
  6. Launcher Version: latest Operating System: mac Java Version: latest Antivirus Program: none Description of Problem: minecraft 1.3 patch has made my tekkit not work but its not just mine there are other people who are affected by this Error Messages: none Error Log: [15:25:59] [sEVERE] Starting download of minecraft, with 3 trie(s) remaining [15:26:06] [sEVERE] Downloaded 'minecraft.jar' does not matche MD5 of any known minecraft version! [15:26:06] [sEVERE] Starting download of minecraft, with 2 trie(s) remaining [15:26:14] [sEVERE] Downloaded 'minecraft.jar' does not mat
  7. how do you stop the technic launcher download the 1.3 jar?


  8. Can you help me please?

  9. Can you please help me?

    1. wiloft


      I know I'm technicaly backseating, but can you at least read the rules before you break them?

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