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  1. Age: 14 IGN:baileyt2002 Why do you want to play on this server?: Because I enjoy playing tekkit, the features of the server looks interesting and I wanna start playing galactic tekkit again. What Do you want to build?: I wanna build a town full of people and buildings that suit galactic tekkit e.g factories, base on space, etc.
  2. I found a better server and it is TOONCRAFT, very sexy server This server is too UNFORGIVING Wait I only had one chance to be whitelisted? Im going to keep on trying to be whitelisted till I am Mod edit: Merged 4 posts
  3. Also can I be whitelisted for a while to see if it's actually worth it to protest for getting whitelisted?
  4. I sent another application of me actually wanting to join. And there is no whitelist application rule of: You only have ONE chance of trying to be whitelisted.
  5. My IGN: baileyt2002 Why would I like to join the server?: I'd like to join the server because I enjoy galactic tekkit and I'd like to try the modpack on a server, that is because I played tekkit on SP and now I would like to take another step further with tekkit on a multiplayer, a multiplayer server that seems good and a very willing server that seems AWESOME!!! Have I played on any other of your servers?: I might've on tekkit classic. Something about myself: I have played tekkit classic for almost a year, I enjoy making communities/towns on tekkit servers and I reckon I'll enjoy this server if I get whitelisted and try it out.
  6. Can I have another go at being whitelisted? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Sexy server! Very Impressive! It is a good server, it's like the Voltz server of Accretion but Tekkit! *clap, clap, clap*