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  1. Age: 18 Knowledge: a couple years of minecraft and a few weeks of voltz, but i like to watch as many videos as possible and learn all about a mod before i start it time: EST (-5:00) group: I love finding a good group to make an awesome base but I end up going solo sometimes ideals: i couldn't agree more with what your ideals, thats mostly why I want to join this server, blowing my base up is fine and fun is fun, but griefing to be obnoxious is just dumb. Thanks for reading my application, hopefully ill be playing on the server soon
  2. IGN: ThatOneGuy6578 Age: 18 I've played Minecraft for about 2 years now I've been playing Voltz for about a week now I'm looking for a solid server where I can build up and defend my base, maybe meet some good people for a huge build Location: NY, USA (EST -5:00) Other: I have no intrest in causing problems, and I'll happily just find my lil' chunk of the world and live there, but im just here to have fun so if war breaks out ill join in Skype: I generally dont use it but i could if everyone else uses it Thanks for taking the time to read my application, hope you have a nice day :)
  3. IGN: ThatOneGuy6578 Voltz skill: 2-3 How long have you played volts: Only a few hours so far donations: Probably not, sorry
  4. IGN: ThatOneGuy6578 Ive played minecraft for a while, a few weeks ago picked up technic and its great, but now i wanted to move to tekkit im in Eastern US i wanted to join tekkitia since it looked fun and i nevevr liked huge servers, so it looked perfect Of course griefing will get you banned, and i fully support that idea
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