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  1. Everything about tekkit is to add massive amounts of overpowered and extremely fun items to the game. The beauty of this is that everyone has the same overpoweredness and most things balance each other out. Smart moving could probably be added someday if it's compatible. They can always modify it, nerf it, or add a hard counter to it if needed.
  2. That sounds like a good idea! If they nerf current quantum and add an upgraded version of it then there would be balance in the force.
  3. Gem armor gives you none of the abilities of any power items. Right now im using the bottom half quantum and top half gem. (I have a full set of each anyways)
  4. Yes I am an idiot my advice was completely wrong sorry.
  5. Well now theres 1 ring of arcana, a red matter katar, and a red matter morningstar. You can even have an archangels smite. Theres 4 slots (which is less than half the hotbar). Neither armors save inventory space. I also do not count the flying on gem as an ability. It's clunky and just as bad as a jetpack.
  6. Laptops aren't great for servers either. The best is a linux desktop.
  7. I don't use a mac but for most servers you need to 1. Assign a static Ip address 2. Open port 25565 on that ip address
  8. Solution: Buy a pc. No seriously your computer isn't able to handle the strain your server is putting down. what art thou specifications?
  9. edit it so it says -java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar tekkit.jar nogui Basically put a hyphen before java. No spaces.
  10. A void ring and an arcana are all you need with quantum to even it out. Basically this armor isnt used as armor it's used to show people you have more EMC than you know what to do with.
  11. I also realize that there's a huge intimidation factor. If you see someone using gem you're like OH GAWD THIS MAN IS A RICH AND POWERFUL ALCHEMIST! Nobody wants to mess with you.
  12. So if quantum with power items is best, why would anyone drop 4 omegas and all their power items when they could just keep their items and make a much much cheaper quantum set. It doesn't make sense and nobody has explained why it costs so much in comparison to quantum with only a bit more benefits.
  13. Thats actually why I'm making it. I believe the only pros now are. A)Usually can win in any fight B)Bragging rights
  14. We all know that gem will eventually win in a fight, but if you're spending 4 fully charged omegas on this, you don't want to just win. You want them to bow down before you and do your every bidding. You want mobs to flee as your godly might apporaches! You want to control time and space! NOBODY CAN STAND IN YOUR WAY. At least that's how it should be.
  15. So you might say quantum is even better than gem? Since gem is pretty vulnerable to explosions. Another thing! The hurricane boots take two swiftwolfs to make and its not really flying its just fancy jumping. The infernal armor takes a body stone and doesnt replenish hunger (quantum does). It's almost like you'd be better off keeping the power items and using quantum. I'm suggesting like you can fly at superspeed with boots, be fully invincible at a smaller emc cost than a life stone, control time, control weather, never get hungry, and maybe some super cool stuff like phasing through blocks.
  16. Okay I understand that gem is better but it's still not 200 MILLION EMC better. And nobody would make either armors in singleplayer since a nanosuit is more than enough to prevent mob-related deaths.
  17. A lot of people wonder if they should make gem or quantum armor (the two end-game sets). It's pretty obvious once you look at the emc values of both, however. After going over all the features of both I'm baffled as to why anyone would make gem. Gem armor is insanely, extremely uber expensive to make. Quantum isn't cheap either, but compared to gem it's spare change. Gem armor costs a hefty 300 MILLION EMC. That's just insane. Anyone investing in this deserves to be a god. For this much energy you could pretty easily generate your own planet. However, quantum armor that costs a measly million(ish) EMC has very similar properties. It even gives full invincibility while gem does not. For something 300 times more expensive, it should at least be twice as good. Until Gem armor is very very buffed, or quantum is very very nerfed, gem armor is useless.
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