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  1. I was reading on the forums that the perm gen is 256 if you allocate over 4gb of RAM. I happen to run a modpack with 131 mods, a 128x sphax texture pack, and GLSL shaders. FTB gives an option for additional java parameters so I can give it 512m of perm gen, allowing me to run at about 30-40 fps. This is inconvenient because I have to manually add the mods to the modpacks that exist. Technic is much more refined, but lacks java parameters. Would it be difficult to add this? With 8gb of ram allocated I assume it gives 256m permgen, which gives me 20-30 fps with lag spikes every half second, maki
  2. You clearly didn't notice, but every possible argument for both has been put forward and the thread died. I'm surprised nobody locked it or something.
  3. It's a pity the pedestals are banned on many servers. Whats the emc/second for one?
  4. I disagree banning of EE, just a lot of the items. Dark matter armor is good for pvp.
  5. If you want PVP definitely limit them from building super overpowered generators, armors, and if you want factions you have to disable things like quarries and other things that place or destroy blocks. Things you probably should ban: 46 TNT 126:3 Dark Matter Furnace 126:4 Red Matter Furnace 126:10 Nova Catalyst 126:11 Nova Cataclysm 127 Dark Matter Pedistal 150:1 Block Breaker 153 Querry 155 Filler 157 Builder 158 Template Drawing Table 179 Teleport Tether 206:5 Priming Track 207 Computer 214 World Anchor 214:1 Block of Concrete
  6. That is realatively slow. Mine does 97,000 emc per second in a 13 by 13 room. (13x13 room makes approx 1 red matter per 3 seconds) Theoretically if you have space you can get as many as you want. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/post-your-emc-generator-designs-no-energy-flowers-allowed.26320/#post-210229 THIS IS EXTREMELY OP!
  7. I personally enjoy the speed and jump benefits of quantum legs and boots + the damage protection COMBINED with the lightning, breathing, explosions, lava resistance, and good looks of gem helmet and chest.
  8. Didn't mojang bring in some bukkit devs? Mojang needs to make it so you can natively add mods in an easy to do way and have them automatically be compatible. I'm talking about something like the steam workshop. If there were to be an equivalent to this for minecraft, modding would be much improved in terms of access and installation. Also I'm sure mojang would make it easier to code mods or add a program like the skyrim creation kit. Basically if the minecraft modding community were as well supported by developers as the Skyrim community, we would not only see great mods like we already do, th
  9. Yes I think EVERYONE would be happier if Notch and Jeb focused on modding api instead of adding USELESS CRAP like witches, anvils, and whatever ludicrous devices are in it now. But this is beside the point. I intended this thread for someone to justify the insane price gap between them and nobody seems to be able to. It seems like all we can agree is that both have advantages and it comes down to the skill level of the user.
  10. Definitely advantages to both I was just arguing that gem should be better for what you pay in terms of EMC. I do not believe either is the better armor until you find out that gem is millions more.
  11. Well I'm saying that the flowers are easy to do and while expensive require absolutely no mental effort to build. The other generators, while EXTREMELY OP, take a mind that knows enough about the game to do anything. I believe that the people who take the time and design something should be rewarded in turn. Also that one large investment should be able to pay off in the long run, similar to real life.
  12. If it was overpowered then the good folks developing tekkit would have changed it around. Also you put "uncreative" in quotes for no reason. Sorry but that just really bothers me.
  13. Well most people who play with EE are going to become ultra dependent on Energy Flowers. Check the internet to find out how to do this. However for those of you SMART AND INDEPENDENT chaps, there's many amazing ways to get massive quantities of red matter for little cost. There are tons of designs and you should post them here! Feel free to use sophisticated vocabulary so all the idiots don't get a hold of your top secret designs ! Use mine as a template if you like. No comments about using this to exploit the game since IT WAS ADDED INTO IT AND IS NOT A BUG I'll start: Design I use
  14. I know lots of people that see huge structures at spawn and get overwhelmed. They get confused and can't take it all in. Also they can get lost and big builds make them feel like maybe they aren't good enough.
  16. Notch said mod api would be 1.4 and on the wiki the only thing for 1.4 was modding api.
  17. You seem like you're clever XD. I dont know exactly how an internal server differs from a regular server, but the ability to publish any singlplayer into a multiplayer must mean that there isn't really a singleplayer only mode now and that they've merged.
  18. Oh right well use the noitem plugin and use that to prevent people from using quarries.
  19. THIS IS COMPLETE NONSENSE! Epic spawns make the server look like they're too good for it's players. You don't want to overwhelm players now would you? And seriously who copies buildings PEOPLE WHO CAN'T BUILD that's who.
  20. What you could do is use worldguard to blacklist the placing of blocks but things like mining LAZARGGGHHHHSSSZZZ and gem armor will still be able to bypass any protection.
  21. Startup Minecraft It's one of the first things you see!!
  22. I always give 256 per person. So for two people use 512 and that will allow for 2 world anchors with stuff like quarries and minimal amounts of lag! AT least if you use a desktop windows or linux anyways...
  23. Well 1.3 is going to be pretty difficult to code mods for since it runs a server internally and will therefore need all mods to be multiplayer compatible.
  24. That's true but things like energy collectors and solar panels cost a lot, but give you loads and loads of free energy. Multiple times more than what you paid for.
  25. First all 39 mods need to be updated to 1.3.1, so don't expect a 1.3 version anytime soon.
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