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  1. I just got on. And guess what. Theres a fucking crater in the middle of my house.
  2. You need to have a minimum of 15 posts. In game name: Crazygamer185 Age? 16 Why should I let you in my server? Im looking for a server without abusive owners, and staff that actually takes care of its people. The last server i was on the owner screwed around with everyone, Griefing was rampant, mods and the owner did nothing to stop it. The owner had screwed around with me That day, so i was joking around with him and he banned me for it (No i was not griefing or anything, Just typing) What time zone do you live in? Virginia (EST) How long will you be able to play? 2-5 hours a day maybe, depends on what i have planned Have you ever been banned? Besides mentioned above no main mod? Industrial/Buildcraft/EE(Not much anymore)/Redpower/Railcraft (Some) Computercraft (Some) no really MAIN mod, Just what mood im in
  3. The server isnt worth it because sillibird is an abusing asshole, I was a mod on the server. He likes to joke around with people but god forbid you joke around with him or you get banned/demoted. HE has personally griefed my areas several times not to mention there have been 3 or 4 map wipes since i have been on this server, which has been about a month or two
  4. Guys i suggest just moving on from this server, its not worth it. Believe me from experience
  5. Ingame Name: Crazygamer185 Age: 16 Tekkit Experience (Yes, No): yes Amount Played (If Yes): 6-10 months Tell us why you would like to play on our server (Multiple Sentences Please): Depending on what items you have banned, im looking for a server without asshole staff, because of the last few servers iv played on. The last one the owner jokes around almost 24/7 doenst help people and when i joked around with him he permed me, i got the ban removed and he demoted me from mod. I got back on and was talking to some friends on the server saying goodbye and all because im not going to play on that server anymore and another mod banned me. (total asshole staff) Im hoping that this server is different but i may not play on it depending on the items banned Previous Bans: None except from the server i just talked about
  6. IGN: Crazygamer185 Age: 16 Tekkit experience: Been playing for about 9 months - a year Personal whitelist.mcf.li link: http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/5f47cc22ede4d7f0d09a5c1d4c03d42108476707 Have you read and do you agree with the rules: I have, and I don't plan to do break any of then If applicable, why have you been banned: I haven't, Except by a "friend" for a bullshit reason(Not mcbans or any of those just normal ban)
  7. Lol i figured i would get declined when i said i built a HV solar factory Oh well, Iv built much other things that was just the biggest for me and i liked it the most ( Although not the most technologically impressive) but if you don't want someone whos looking for a backup server cause his current one is being ruined oh well... And this server was exactly what i was looking for
  8. IGN: Crazygamer185 Age: 16 Skype(optional): Crazygamer185-sam- Tekkit experience(1-10): 8 Time Zone: EST How much time do you plan on playing per day? Anywhere from 1-7 hours The build you are most proud of? H/V SP Factory that autobuilt itself Why do you think our server is right for you? No banned blocks, looks like mature staff. I'm so close to quitting my last server ( That im a mod on) Because the owner has been pissing me off ( Making random craters in my house, breaking my crops (IC2 crops) griefing my houses etc.)
  9. Alright silli, Since i cant reach you any other way ill do it here. Alright guys im revealing a situation So read this. 1. Silli, you shouldnt take diamonds from somone for somthing thats build in the game thats a douche move Kicking me TWICE not to tell him was to far so then i told him so u fucking BAN ME? Real douche move.
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