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  1. That is not one of the optional ones. most of the optional class files do not work in SMP anyway.
  2. Follow the instructions carefully, make sure you have the correct version for the version of tekkit you are running, make sure you have the forge patch, and I recommend removing the optional class files as well.
  3. Google "add java to path" and follow those instructions. Or edit the .bat to point directly to the java.exe instead of just calling it.
  4. hmmm, can probably just change "lockmode" from 1(true) to 0(false) so that the mode is not locked to whatever it is set as. Then I imagine you should be able to change it in-game.
  5. Everyone does have good points here, and honestly the first thing I thought was "why?" but lets take a step back here. Ignore his huge post argument about why it makes sense and blah blah... He wants to remove MV and HV solars but leave LV in. Why? Because it is his server and that is what will make it more fun for him. Makes much more sense now!
  6. You make the hollow covers with 8 covers. You could probably then combine the hollow covers into hollow slabs/blocks
  7. Seriously dude? Balance issues are NOT BUGS. If you are running a server and you don't want certain items in because YOU believe they are OP then it is YOUR responsibility to remove them. How you can even possibly call that a bug blows my mind. I lost any small bit of respect I may have had for you after your initial post, which granted wasn't damn much. My apologies for the overly harsh tone but that ^ just set me off.
  8. When he said load it last he meant change the load order, not just add it last heh. The load order is alphabetic unless I am mistaken. That is why some of the mods have a [1] in front of them, it is to move it up in the load order. To make forestry load last, add a Z to the beginning of the name of the file.
  9. Pipe them into a chest next to the auto crafting table. When you pull an MFE out of the table, the table will automatically replenish the un-stackable items from the adjacent chest.
  10. Did you uninstall java6, or go into the control panel/java and specify which version of java to use, or direct the servers launch.bat to run the java7 java?
  11. Client side is a lot more complicated. There are some dependencies. From here:http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/81771-v125-mo-creatures-v362-with-ostriches-fishbowls-and-smp-support/
  12. You are aware it can only spawn down on the gold level right?
  13. I am guessing simply drop the mod file in the servers mod folder. Now the client is another story... By the way, there is no 3.0 server yet, so good luck with that =)
  14. I don't know if it is now, but when I posted that it was not.