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  1. ​Lol. And my solution was to set it up on a local home computer. (Well since composer...)
  2. Doesn't seem to include the LegacyJavaFix and if so I'd guess it's running Java 8 that's the problem. But heck. I don't know
  3. Prob haven't set up the launcher to use more memory...
  4. You have to install 64bit version for Java. The 32bit version doesn't support more than 1 gig. Since most browsers still are 32bit it is 32bit version that are automatically suggested for you when you visit so you have to browse their page for the 64bit version. Or just go here: and choose the the 64bit version
  5. Just download java 7 and install instead of java 8. About Technic beta There is some things on the beta site that I can't seem to figure out. One of my packs is noticed to be linkable with solder but linking it still gives the message that I need to configure the modpacks download or link it to solder. It is linked to solder in the setup of the modpack but not when browsing it. Since the modpack above doesn't seem to work I thought I'd just remove it from my mods list. That's when the second problem occured.. How do I remove my modpack?? Can't find it removable anywhere.
  6. Would like to know this to. Can't find how to delete my modpacks from
  7. Mutant Creatures still isn't updated past 1.7.2 so that seem kinda hard to add...
  8. Uhm. Yes, I know. Let me refrase it: Why do we have to paste the hole address when we add mods instead of just the "slug" since the address before the "slug" always is the same anyway so what's stopping the launcher from just adding that part by itself?
  9. So when will there be a launcher that only needs the name of the pack to be able to install it instead of the full technic adress? Or am I totally wrong assuming that all packs start with "" and then ending it with their own special name? If so it just seems strange that the launcher doesn't just ask for the mods special page-name and then just fill in the rest of the address itself. Just a thought that I probably placed in the wrong thread..
  10. Is this for 1.7.x? In 1.6.4 I just put it straight in the mods folder and that seem to work just fine.
  11. You are supposed to put the folders that inside .minecraft/assets/virtual/ into .technic/assets/. Not the virtual folder itself.
  12. Have you started the vanilla launcher, done a 1.6.4 profile and run it once? You need to do that first so that the files are downloaded.
  13. Just do a md5 rehash on the mod and version in the mods part of solder webui. .
  14. And you've created a folder with the same name as the slug for the modpack you're trying to create and placed the resources folder inside there?