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  1. What is your Minecraft usernam? Nomadrider How old are you? 42 In what country do you live? USA Will we find a ban record of you on a banlist like for example mcbans.com? no What is your favorite part of tekkit/tekkit lite? building things, still learning new stuff What makes you interested in Sweden Tekkit Lite? hoping to find a good tekkit lite server
  2. Spawn has been nuked or otherwise destroyed!!!!! Major damage whatever they used!!!!!
  3. He is now argueing with me and has kicked me twice even though I've not deserved it and is threatening to ban me. I've harmed noone and said 1 "curse" word LOL We need mods but not this guy! \
  4. [quote="Phixle, post: Please understand that it is a mature server. As grownups we've earned the right to cuss and make crude jokes. It is definitely not teen friendly. You MUST be 13+ to join, or atleast BE like someone over 13+.
  5. Any idea when I'll be shown as a donor? Still lists me as a member in the server and I'm tired of making new rings every time mine is taken. Not really seeing any donor perks at the moment.
  6. Ban this child if you haven't already, "You MUST be 13+ to join, or at least BE like someone over 13+" Definitely does not conduct himself as someone over the age of 10 Capslock, name calling and generally being a jerk to people.
  7. HUGE is an understatement!!!!! Shazar12 spawned into the hole and died!
  8. Noticed last night that Creepers do destroy blocks now when they explode.
  9. If you do maybe it will help get some players in the server. This is a great server but it is almost always empty.
  10. There are some really helpful people in this server!
  11. Server has been great so far. Enjoying my time there.
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