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  1. Your exact user-name as it appears in game : SSEriksson62 A short description of why you wish to join : Im looking for a server where i can make friends and invest my time into building magnificent houses,quarries,factories and of course the most important have fun. Your biome preference (forest, grassland, desert, tundra, jungle) - Forest, grassland Your terrian preference (mountain, flat, mixed) - Mountain Access to water (coastline, river, lake, none) - river
  2. IGN: SSEriksson62 Age: 15 Reason for joining: I got lonely playing on tekkit and I want to build and create stuff especcialy in partnerships Have you read the rules: Yes Tekkit experience: 3 months
  3. In game name: SSEriksson62 Age: 15 Location: Sweden Minecraft experience to date: Found out about tekkit 3 months ago but stopped playing because I didn't get in to any server. Why do you want to play on our server? I've been looking for a tekkit server for some time now and I thought this was the best looking.
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