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  1. how is that siging you name it is your own avatar you can put what you want in it
  2. Hello how are you? Here is the URL for the Master Inc forum page for any information please ask on the page thank you www.mast.freeforums.org
  3. O and any moderators or site admins can you close this thread please thank you
  4. Hey nedned and everyone else i have made a forum now i could only use a alphameric so i had to shorten the name to get it to make the url so without any further a do here is the URL for my forums come check it out www.mast.freeforums.org
  5. ok nedned i will look into doing all of that and i will close the thread once if you dont have anything further reconmend to me and thank you for the the information of the free forum websites
  6. hey nedned i was in a hurry and didn't have time to spell check i have been trying since tekkit came out to get a company up and my one error was not haveing enough players on the team help so if you can help me in getting my company off the ground on a server that isnt prone to griefers then please be my geust and help
  7. Welcome i am the ceo of Master Inc i am looking for a player that knows tekkit and can e trusted. once i have choose my cio then i will look for people to be heads of differnt branches of Master Inc on differnt servers as well as workers. to be a cio answer these questions: How old are you: have you ever had a high rank on a tekkit or vanilla server: what makes you qualified: do you have a server you would reconmend me or anyone you liked and wouldn't betray: do you have a great arcitcutral desiging personality: if you want to be a head answer the same questions if you want to be a worker then answer these: How old are you: what mod are you best at in tekkit: are you willing to move between servers at any second: What makes you qullified:
  8. InGameName:ultigamer124 About me: (brief intro to you) i am a good friendly person only if you dont make me amd first Location: (timezone works) eastern day light time (east coast of USA) Why Tekkitia?:i want to work with people in tekkit so i can learn more and your server sounds like it Do you understand troublemaking/rule-breaking/griefing will get you banned/removed? i do understand that
  9. Application: Age:13 IGN:ultigamer124 Mods experienced in: EE, IC, and red power
  10. i have the same problem and it cause my computer to fucking crash i hate dell and windows xp but it is so much easper to install stuff on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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