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  1. 'Ello! IGN: Sorrowfox Pale, sickly, possibly insane.. 30 year old from the North East, US. I've pretty much been bouncing around servers trying to find one where I don't see somebody swearing like a sailor for the sake of swearing like a sailor. I'm pretty laid back, tend to keep to myself but I'm usually pretty active in Chat.
  2. Every thing seems to work out fine other than Zombies... All that shows is bizarre small multi-textured cube head... which is kind of cool in a way.
  3. Name: Sorrow Fox Age: Older than 16 but younger than 32 >.> Do you wish to join Anyon: Yes please. Have you played IC2 or Buildcraft? I just discovered it 4 days ago. What is the purpose of a macerator? Doubles your Ore output by grinding them into two (ore)dusts. Recommendations : Spotted on Tekkit site. Other things I should know: I'm on the east coast US and I've been told I'm an idiot by several people I hold in high regard.. one of them my mother.
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