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  1. We probably already went over the line, but sure.
  2. There's a 1-2 week rule. Also thanks for making fun of my disablilty.
  3. Ermm this is a very old thread... Should have checked the date before posting, Also I asumed as much.
  4. Yeahbut many people do like GT I hope you do texture it as I play on a server and the owner likes it so I am stuck with it.
  5. Well Its not tekkit's side... Also optifne comes with tekkit and is needed to make the texture pack work.
  6. It needs to go into the modpack.jar or at least sphax's does.
  7. Well AVG is evil so unistall that. But that may not fix it. Do you use the .exe or.jar?
  8. Hey man calm down. Edit: It seems your caps lock was left on by mistake.
  9. Hey guys and gals I am still uploading but I have been to busy yo update this thread... I will try and get it up to date at a later time as its very late here right now and am to tired to do it.
  10. Are you kidding me? This is a awful post And how are you doing A let's play without being able to record? And not even a server? Not. And no skype? Why did you even post this?
  11. Oh we will always remember that you where the one to start this!
  12. Well this is the wrong spot and we need more info. It doesn't just stop working.