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  1. Yo its Danpitch here the one of the Head Admins i help keep the staff in shape if u have any problems please tell me always willing to help. Suggestions for the server are also welcome! Come And Join Us!
  2. please post all ban appeal to the website http://tekkitmachinecraft.enjin.com/forum/m/8592502/viewforum/1840141
  3. hi im just wondering how long the white list is for very good server just waiting to go back on it :D
  4. I saw this server and thought to give it ago but as i can see it is down. So in the meantime i will apply for staff as this looks like a good server and with experienced owner/staff <- what i like Application for - Mod or Admin <- Not bothered which but i could start as a mod and maybe show u what i am like and earn admin Age 16 IGN danpitch Played on the server? I was going to but server is down atm Banned- No always follow the rules Why Choose Me I am a very experienced player and staff member as i have played minecraft for 2 1/2 years and Tekkit for 8 months. i have b
  5. i did not have enough room on the post so i will do the last question. You invited your best friend to the server. You see him get into a dispute with another player. How do you deal with the situation, and what do you do if that solution does not work. I would treat my friend the same as any other player so i would not help them out any more than i do with other so i would not go against any rules by giving them items and power over others, if it was my friend causing the problem i would punish them the same as the others by muting or kicking them if they go against any of the rules, if this
  6. Username: danpitch Age: 16 Gender: Male Are you available to use Skype: dan.pitchford95 Timezone: UTC London Hours of your regular online times: 5-6 hours on weekdays all day on weekends A small introduction of yourself: I am a very mature experienced player who has played Minecraft for 2 years and Tekkit for 6 months i enjoy helping others when they are in need, i also like socializing with other players and get to know the people i play with, i treat everyone the same Staff or not this is so i do not get dislike by my fellow players so they do not think i am better than them
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