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  1. IGN: PatziKatze Age: 15 Location: Central United States Am I banned from any servers?: No sir I am not, I take pride in the fact that i have a clean record of kicks or bans. Minecraft Experience: Playing Tekkit for two-and-a-half years and Minecraft for three. Paragraph: I have been playing with my friend PurplePlatypunk on many servers, but we always end up getting griefed by useless degenerates and abusive staff. Im looking for a place where we can work together to create a powerful oligarchic nation where we can support ourselves and help others. I am tired of building for days and coming c
  2. InGameName:PatziKatze About me: I am love working together with others and hate being greifed. I have been nuked in before and know how bad it can make people feel when you destroy all their progress and steal their stuff. Location: Central Standard Time Why Tekkitia?: I would like a quiet and calm server where there are no nuke blasts and mean talk in chat. I would definitely like no greifing and nukes being banned. Do you understand troublemaking/rule-breaking/griefing will get you banned/removed?: Yes, and i feel very strongly about these rules.
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