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  1. IGN:KidSeib Have you ever been banned from a server:Nope What will you do on the server:Play tekkit be friendly help others just have a good time What do are admins going to look for when you join:a firendly player who helps others! Why should you join Equestria's Minecraft server:Because im looking for a server i can really spend some time on
  2. Minecraft Username:KidSeib Have you ever been banned, if so, why?:Nope not that i know of at least What do you plan to do on the server:play tekkit haha make factorys build just everything there is to do Do you have any previous experience with tekkit? If so, what?: yes a bout a year now
  3. Hello my names josh IGN KidSeib experinced tekkit player looking for a new server please white list let me know thank you
  4. I'm a jellyfish yo!

  5. APPLICATION: Name/Nickname:Josh IGN: KidSeib Age:18 Time Zone:-8:00 pst Will you use Ventrilo? (to talk / interact with the community): Yes i will Will you be a dedicated player on our server?: Yes. I intend to be. Why should we add you/a little bit about yourself:i have a general understaning of tekkit and am just trying to find a better more reliable server that i can put time into
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