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  1. I need someone who can help this total newb learn how to use plugins, what plugin combinations are best for tekkit, and how to set up a good server so it won't be griefed. PM me, or add me on Skype: "Dragonchampion1"
  2. Definitely an epic server. it's one that I will enjoy for a long time to come.
  3. Red Matter Gemmed Armor with Red Matter Combotools. You get those, and you're a god. http://technicpack.wikia.com/wiki/Abyss_Helmet http://technicpack.wikia.com/wiki/Infernal_Armor http://technicpack.wikia.com/wiki/Gravity_Greaves http://technicpack.wikia.com/wiki/Hurricane_Boots http://technicpack.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Morningstar http://technicpack.wikia.com/wiki/Red_Katar
  4. I'm not sure where mod requests go, but I would like http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1285120-125-sspsmpbukkit-aquaculture-112-updated-742012/ mod to be implemented in tekkit and Technic. It works in both SMP and SSP, and it uses forge, so I was thinking it might be a good addition, as I have yet to see anything that improves fishing in Technic/Tekkit besides Mo 'creatures fish.