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  1. is it because your status is set busy or i cant call you when your on mobile?
  2. I tried communicating and i got no reply and i assumed you dropped out srry, i tried skypeing and it always said busy and i messaged you
  3. K im looking to be recruited for a tekkit and/ or hack/mine lets plays, i want a partnership to last long im tired of ppl dropping out on me, im around 14. The person/ppl need to have a private serv so no one can interupt. My skype is megatomic and e-mail is [email protected] you need to be active alot.
  4. Megatomic

    ICBM mod

    I really think the ICBM mod should be added to technic its a great mod and it would be great to have it when its updated for multiplayer
  5. ok ill partner we are bout same age just skype request and we'll talk my skype is megatomic
  6. ok good my skype is megatomic and my e-mail is [email protected] please e-mail me ip i think tnt dropped out on us. though srry for turning you down last time, i thought we were set but we had problems. check your e-mail often to. you will probably get a quik reply to your messages you can skype anytime you want im on all the time. also can , you record?
  7. my groups time zone is EST also if your wondering who the other person in my groups name is its tntdiamondx we are also thinkig about doing hack/ mine we cant find a server for that so it would be great to have one hosted not a requirement though
  8. we have a problem with a server will anyone host a server for us? Age requirement is 13-16 it would also be nice to have athird person in my group so a person who can host the server can also join us
  9. I have the skin but i have o idea how to install on the launcher
  10. talk to tntdiamondx about joining we already found a server
  11. I would like a LP partner though i cant record. it would be great to be in a lets play though. Im 14. Im not bad at tekkit, i have played for about a month .
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