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  1. Well Emils, The problem is we are in very differenbt timezones and we dont have a server ATM, srry.
  2. Megatomic


    This Thread is very amusing isn't it?
  3. Hey guys! I'm looking for a nice tekkit server. I want around 2 Gb server. I have spending of around $5 a month. May sound like asking alot but i only will have 4 people on at most. I will settle with $7 a month at most. Please post offers here! By the way, I need tekkit installed automaticly, i'm not good with servers.
  4. Dj, i will gladly do a series with you aswell, maybe we can all be in a few tekkit LPs hmmm? My age is 12, i can easily record. I am also looking for cheap tekkit hosting, so maybe i can host in the future. Please consider.
  5. Ill start a new conversation, ill give information there
  6. Emil i will gladly join a tekkit LP , i've beeen looking for a youtube partner for months, here's my application: Age:12 Skype(needed):Of course Mic(needed):Good one Tekkit experience:I have played alot, just lost intrest in SSP, i have 4 episodes out. I'm especially good with EE and industrial craft. Can you host a server:I do not have the money,no. Can you make an intro:I can try, I think i can help. Are you ok with my voice being high:I don't care about anyones voice, unless they are very young or very old. What country do you live in: United state, hope we can have a lasting youtube partnership. BTW, i can record.
  7. Here i am again, looking for a LP partner. Here are the requirements: you need a tekkit server Be between 10-15 years old Have the server ready before you create convorsation if you meet requirementscreate a conversation
  8. Once again, Anyone out there who is 10-15 can do a LP with me, you do not have to record, i will be getting a program soon. You have to actually do the LP and you need a server. Start a conversation with me if your interested. BTW, sorry for bad grammer last post.
  9. Once again, Anyone out there who is 10-15 can do a LP with me, you do not have to record, i will be getting a program soon. You have to actually do the LP and you need a server. Start a conversation with me if your interested.
  10. I am 12 looking for a LP partner must have a private serv, skype, and be online atleast twice a week, create convorsation if your interersted. Please be under 15 ad over 9 years old. Im tired of people just not replying or dropping out. If your interested, please actualy DO the LP
  11. for one, dont give you skype out on forums One ,don't give skype on forums.Two, i found hundreds of results for that. Start a conversation with me and tell me your nickame on skype and acualt skype name.But, you are perfect for the job .
  12. Hello, i'm looking for a LP partner,i'm 12 years old. I'm going to be picky.I've tried to do LP's many times. Put your information below, also there will be requirements. Age(10-15): Can you host a server(req.): Can you record a good videoo without lag(req.): I'm getting a recorder nov.21st IGN: Skype: Also, you have to be willing to record at least twice a week. Sorry for the strict requirements, i'm just tired of being dropped from LP's, or being told "I'm sorry, i'm not doing it......" Final req. You have to have a youtube acount.
  13. I'm no longer going to view this thread, post on the conversation that i invited you both to.
  14. i see no problem with your voice, yes you do sound like a little kid. But, if we do really good there should be no problem. And daniel, i dont see a problem with you joining it's up to andrew if you can though.
  15. i really dont care about your voice, one of my friends has up to 5,000 views and he's 10. He had minecraft vids but i cant seem to find them. Anyway i wouldn't care.
  16. Oh my god. searched google images, it's disgusting.
  17. Well, i have a Really low voice for a 12 year old. some one told me about another youtuber who is mildly famous and sounds like a kid. Maybe you can do a LP? (edit): Well at least people say i do.
  18. Im 12 years old, I cant record untill 11/21/12. Just making a new thread because people dont listnen on recruitment mega thread. I honestly dont care about your age as long as your under 15. Also, i dont have a server but, if you cant host one it's okay. I will search for one thats not ruined or banned items.
  19. That is a little unfriendly in some ways, not to disrespect you.But i think some of these things should be added. you make it sound like the developers dont care about the players.im sure if they cared they would try to make it compatible. And who cares if your enslaveing souless A.I.s? All of this is interesting if they care they will work on most of them in the future and the ICBM mod would be interesting. And also i got a warning for creating a thread about iCBM when there was one. The other one got off topic so made a new one.
  20. Sure he can join ill add conversation for me mooseman titaniumH you and zanman is it k iff mooseman and titanium join? if so ill have him add you to conversation
  21. O srry then contact me when you get home.
  22. k skype request me please my skype is megatomic as im sure everyone kows by now. so hopefully mooseman sends a request and tells us IP of servers.
  23. Maybe we can all partner for tekkit and other stuff? Im 14 if thats good enough.
  24. I accepted you and i never got a reply, I said contact me on skype. My skype is megatomic. I also said my e-mail is [email protected] You can still join if you want.
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